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Resident Evil 8: Iron Giant Down

Resident Evil 8: Iron Giant Down

Defeat the mutated Heisenberg.

This strategy is based on the heat of battle on difficulty setting four. I developed it by playing the video game on another system, not on any Xbox.

My strategy I had developed for about an hour until flawless success:
1. First, I restarted if Heisenberg did not initially attack with its left arm.
2. I began by shooting one of its weak points for about two seconds, then ceased fire and moved towards it, then moved left, in order to avoid its attack.
3. When I fired, I never stopped doing so, even during refocusing between weak points, unless I rather had an opportunity to move towards/behind cover. I always used cover and distance to my supreme battle advantage. If necessary , I sometimes had to produce some distance by ceasing fire and moving away from the area’s walls to create distance, later relevant to extend that distance even further if then a rocket was used as a safety countermeasure as well.
4. I focused in damage control based on safety and battle situation, when considering the three available weak points to break, to control enemy attack interruptions. I launched rockets at Heisenberg, as a safety call countermeasure only.
5. Conclusively, I never get to attempt to block, and only evaded one close combat attack . Cover was often used to shoot from behind it until the enemy destroyed them. The majority of the mech-based battle was kept from a long range.
6. When the enemy levitated structures , I always have been able to contribute enough damage to its weakness exposed head in order to interrupt the process, relevant to maintain safety.
7. After 16 weak points have been dealt with, Heisenberg will eventually use its most extreme power to enhance its arms – when I realized that, I launched a rocket at it as countermeasure. Also Heisenberg went fully weak , and I kept firing at it and eventually a non-controllable sequence started.
8. When out of my mech , I rapidly unloaded my complete magazine of my magnum towards Heisenberg, until they have been destroyed. There was no danger at all. Heisenberg stated they did not wish to die – it is the indication of success.
9. That battle is well balanced – only do not expect a cheesy fight, but adapt to strategy and situation. Once mastered it, you will completely disagree with it

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