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Summoners War! Savannah!

Summoners War! Savannah!

Savannah Summoners war – The Basics

In this post we’re talking about one of the best Arena units in the game and that is the wind Beast Rider with the awakening name that is Savannah. She is used by many of the top people she is extremely strong in the meta and is many of people’s most wanted units. Plus she has a really cute cat to pair with her.

A screenshot of the character Savannah in the game of Summoners War

Rune Strategy for Savannah

Personally, I find this unit very fun to use, she needs to be fast this is why many people will rune her on the likes of Swift, and Blade. However,  some people will rune her on a violent blade. Personally, I have mine on Swift this is just in case she gets outran so I can avoid taking any harmful effects. You can also use Savannah for some PvE areas such as Trails of Ascension and Gb12 ( Giants 12). There’s a screenshot below showing her runes and giants team.

Want to know the basics about runes see our post explaining Runes in Summoners war here

Savannah runes screenshot one from summoners war
Savannah runes example screenshot two from summoners war


Offence and Defence

As said Previously, she is an amazing unit for the arena for both defence and offence, I use her a lot in this role due to the fact she has an AOE defence break and if she is faster than the enemy she has a chance to push back the attack bar of the enemies allowing my other units to come in with big massive damage I do use her with the likes of the water Hell Lady known as Beth and also the light Magical Archer known as Chris. In terms of defence, I tend to use her with both Beth and Fran ( the light fairy). The screenshot below shows a defence that I sometimes may use with her. ( The dark unit in that defence is a dark polar Queen known as Lydia)

Savannah used as defence in Summoners War

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