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Summoners War! Beth!

Summoners War! Beth!

Summoners war is full of many unique and interesting monster who each have there own kits they also range from 1 start to 5 star default. The monster in this post we are writing about is the water Hell Lady with the awakening name of Beth. This unit is very fun to use for both PvP and PvE. She an all round good unit and can be used in many different areas of the game. Personally, my favourite unit in the game she was my first ever default natural 5 star monster. She is considered one of the best farmers in the game and I find her very enjoyable. I’ve used her in near enough very aspect in the game even as my account has grown and I’ve gotten more and more unit I still used this amazing unit.

( This is not her original look this is a transmog or an outfit in the game which can obtain) Beth is a big AOE damage dealer with two AOE skills she also with her second skills the ability to leave continuous damage on the enemy. Then her last skill is that she does an AOE defence break and disturb hp recovery also destroys there hp.

This is amazing unit also has a 44% hp leader skill for arena so you can use her to boost the hp for your arena defence. The most normal rune build for this unit is Fatal, Blade or you can rune her Violent Blade or Violent Will. People also rune her Rage, Blade or Will. There is many different way you can rune this unit she is so flexible.

The screenshot below shows a team I use for Trails of Ascension (TOA) which contains Beth and a load of other units.

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