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Summoners War! Runes Explained!

Summoners War! Runes Explained!

In this post were going to take a much more in depth look into runes and where you can obtain them and what they add to your monsters. So we will start explaining the dungeon that you will commonly start farming at the start of the game and that is giants. So giants is primarily water based so the best option to take in for damage would wind units such as Lushen. So there only a selective amount of runes which you can obtain and that is the likes of Despair.

As you can see Despair is mainly promoted from giants that is because the other runes available you are able to obtain though scenario. However you naturally get better state based runes from the Giant’s Keep than you scenario. In the screenshot below you will see the list of the runes which are obtainable from giants.

As you can see you can obtain 5 different rune sets from Giants and each runes set needs a different amount of runes to complete it. So the first rune set is Despair and this need 4 out of 6 runes to complete it and this rune gives your monsters a 25% to stun. This rune set is more commonly put on monster with AOE abilities, so an early game unit that you obtain that could go on is the likes of the magic knight or Lapis, this unit comes with three AOE abilities.

The next rune set you can obtain is Energy and this completes in a set of two, this rune build gives your monster 15% hp increase so this rune set is most commonly put on units like your supports for example if your using a slow steady team one of your support could be the like’s of Fran or Belladeon and you put one set of energy to give more survivability in a dungeon.

The rune set that come after is something that will give you some strong damage and this is for attacking base unit and this rune set is Fatal and you need four of these rune on a monster to complete a set. and what it does is gives an additional +35% attack to your units who have it. So this could go on big damage dealers such as Kro who you need to do big burst damage in order to kill the boss.

A rune set which complements Fatal is Blade and this completes in a set of 2 and what this rune build does is help your big damage units have more critical rate so they can put out even more damage. This rune set give a critical rate boost by +12%.

Now this rune set is the most popular reason why the Giants Keep is farmed and that is Swift which is in a set of 4 and the reason behind this rune set popularity is because of the additional speed bonus of a huge +25%. This is very important because if you want to play PVP content the speed of your monster is a very key factor. So for example a unit that would go on swift would be the likes of Bernard and this is because of his last skill with his speed but this allows him to move first and get everyone up to speed.

Now let’s move the the next dungeon and that is Dragons, this dungeon is popular for is Violent Rune which are limited to that dungeon. This is a place you would move to after getting to Giant’s Keep 10, so when your transitioning from Early to Mid game in the middle area. In this Dungeon there are 6 different rune set in which you can acquire.


The most popular rune set people like this dungeon for is Violent and it requires 4 runes in order to complete a set and it give you chance to get an extra turn by +22%. This can honestly change a match when your monster vio procs that how people refer to the additional turn. This are typically put on what people would consider the more annoying units or units needed for other dungeons so Violent rune are most commonly put on monster such as twins these units are called a Chakram Dance and Chakram Boomerang this is because they naturally attack together so if you put Violent on them they get even more turns and more damage output.

The next rune set you can obtain is Focus and this rune set is basically self explanatory. Focus is a set of 2 and what it does is increase your Accuracy by +20% and this set is most commonly put on monsters that require high accuracy so one of the most common monster that is known for needing high accuracy is the likes of Loren the light cowgirl and that is simply because of her second skill strip and unrecoverable  and due to her passive having attack bar push back as well as a defence break and slow.

The next rune set we have that has became very popular as of recent due to the latest speed team is Guard and what this set does is increase the defence of your monster by an extra 15% this rune set also complete in a set of 2. So this rune is most commonly used on monster who do damage according to there defence so with the new speed team which is known as Triple tricaru so the 2nd awakened water inugami get this set a awful lot due to the high rune requirement in terms of defence.

The next rune set is most likely one of the most unpopular in the game as not many people actually use it and that is Endure and what this rune set does is increases the resistance of your monsters by 20%. This rune set is used on very little monsters. One of the most popular units that receives this set is Rina the Water Epikion Priest and this is simply to make her 100 times more annoying than she already is, people tend to have her at 100% resistance due to her passive shield which she put on herself and basically stops it ever getting removed which makes a pain to kill. This rune set also only require 2 to complete it.

The next rune set is actually very underrated I personally love this rune set and that is Shield and it needs 2 to complete set and the reason I love it, is due to the fact it can extra survivability to your team as it creates an Ally shield for 3 turns which takes (15% of HP) from your monsters boosted hp state. These runes are most commonly put on monsters such as your supports to give your team just that extra chance to survive so you could this rune set on the likes of Belladeon or Shannon.

The last rune set which can obtain from this dungeon is Revenge and its another set of two. What this rune set does is give your monster a chance to counterattack by 15%. This rune set can be very annoying so you would put it on monster that mainly have a chance to stun on the first skill or increase the attack bar for your team. So units that receive this set are the likes of Verdehile the fire vampire who has the passive once awaken if he crits he will increase the attack bar of all ally units. Then another unit it most commonly put on is the likes of Miho which is the dark martial cat who has a 30% chance to stun on the first skill and believe me this cat is the most annoying thing on revenge as she also has a passive if she receives a critical hit she will revenge so basically double revenge.

The next dungeon you will move onto is Necropolis which is an extremely dungeon and trust me you will have needed to farm plenty of dragon and violent runes to take out this boss as it needs a lot of multi hits . In this dungeon you can obtain 5 different rune sets. This dungeon is considered mid to late game. This dungeon is popular for 2 different types of rune sets.

The first popular rune set which is popular is Rage and this need a set of 4 in order to complete it and what this rune set does it increases the amount of Critical damage by +40%. So this rune set is used for your big damage dealer such as Kro who you might change from fatal to Rage. This rune set is very popular on the Fire Lightening Emperor with the awakening name Baleygr he is used for the rift level 5 speed team.

The next set you can obtain and is extremely popular in any PVP content is Will which only need 2 to complete a set and this is extremely important for PVP content as it gives the unit that has Will set on Immunity for 1 turn. Immunity basically mean you can’t receive any harmful effects from the enemy team.

The next rune set you can get is Nemesis and basically its a set of two that increase your attack bar for every 7% of HP lost. This is most commonly put on support monsters so one of the most popular unit its placed on is Praha which is the water oracle. She mainly has this set due to her huge AOE heal and sleep.

The next set is a rune set of 4 and this set is called Vampire this rune set basically explains itself, what it does if gives your monsters life steal by 35% so a common monster this set get placed on is Water Panda Warrior with the awakening name Mo Long and this is because of his last skill as he will basically take his own hp to do damage and obviously this rune set will stop him from losing as much Hp.

Finally the last rune set is called Destroy and it is a set of two so what is does is Destroy the enemy MAX Hp -4% (30% of damage dealt) so this rune set basically give the enemy healers less to heal as they can’t got passed the destroyed HP. This tends to go on units such as the Fire Frankenstein with the awakening name of Bulldozer.


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