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Real or Fake? Frog Found in Ice Cream?

Real or Fake? Frog Found in Ice Cream?

Food is what is keeping everyone around the world alive. Food is the best source of energy, however, over the years people around the world have found some strange things inside their foods. This can happen at random times and can be hard to spot until you really take a good look at it, however some times this has happened, however it is rare to find anything bigger than a frog inside something… Or is it?

This picture claims to show a frog inside a tub of Ice Cream. The first thought that crossed my mind was how did that frog get in their without anyone noticing? This is still possible and can happen in a lot of situations, however a frog in ice cream is less likely to happen. England are more likely to win the world cup than a frog inside an ice cream tub! This tub must have been created by hand if they allowed a live frog to just jump into the tub!

This picture has been looked at by many different people and has been exanimated as well by the likes of Bills Channel and Snoop, a website dedicated to helping find out what’s real and fake, and this picture is in fact… Fake! This has to be a fake for one of 2 reasons!

  1. How the ice cream is actually made
    1. If this were real, the frog would be at the bottom of the tub, there will be no chance that the frog will ever be at the top of the tub. As the factory that makes them ice creams would find it hard to see a real frog enter!
  2. The post that shows this picture isn’t the only one that has done it.
    1. Let me explain, there has been 3 people on the internet that has posted the same image on social media and have stated that they bought the tub… however, it’s the same image! How is that possible? Maybe this is just a meme that was created.

Another day, Another fake! Lets hope they didn’t just open this tub up and place a real frog in their to capture and image! This would be animal cruelty!

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Banner and Image Credit: Fida Olga

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