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The Multiverse Theory!

The Multiverse Theory!

From time to time, many people start to think of different ways the world could work, for example the Mandela Effect is one of the weirdest theories in the world. Some people will remember something different to how it actually was, for example… KitKat never had the dash in the middle of it. “Luke I am your father” was not the line in Star Wars, it was always “No I am your father”.

Another theory which had me thinking after one movie in particular is the Multiverse Theory. The theory that their is a number of universes out their that have different things going on, the likes of Spiderman and Family Guy have shown this in their films/TV Shows.

The Multiverse Theory suggests that their is an infinite amount of universes out their that we can not get to. The concept of this is their is another you in a different universe and that other person has a different life compared to you. For example he may not have had to deal with some diseases as his universe was more advanced.

Scientists have explained why this can’t happen, as their is no explanation to how this would be possible or if it is possible. Even if it were to be true and we are all in a universe full of universes, there is a high chance that nothing is the same.

One universe could be run by dogs, like in Family Guy. Where you are a dog and your dog right now is a human you take out on walks. This would be incredible if this would be true.

For me, the Multiverse would be very interesting, as their is a lot of things that has went wrong, if we class this as our universe, and in another universe in the Multiverse, none of this went wrong. The world as we know it would be different. If Covid-19 never came out what would have happened? Maybe another universe had that happen.

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All and all, the Multiverse Theory is an interesting topic of discussion as their is an infinite amount of possibilities that could happen with this and many different theories.

    1. Theory 1
      1. The stars and galaxies around us is the multiverse and each galaxy has their own individual universes similar to us.
    2. Theory 2
      1. Just like in Family Guy and Spiderman, their is a way to get into another Universe from using magic and or a device that works, however it would teleport you to different and unique universes.

There is an endless amount of possibilities when looking at some theories. The Multiverse Theory isn’t really talked about that much, however imaging that it could be true is amazing.

One universe where something didn’t happen? I would love to see that!

Tell us what you think!

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