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Creed III

Creed III is set to be released on the 3rd of March 2023 and this will be the first movie from the franchise without Rocky/Sylvester Stallone being apart of it and Michael B Jordan will be the director of this movie, making this his first major director role in the franchise.

Creed 2 left off when Adonis Creed beat Ivan Dragos son, Victor Drago for the WBC world heavyweight championship and that is the last moment we will see Rocky.

Looking at the trailer, which will be displayed below, we will be seeing more professional fighters being apart of this movie. The likes of Canelo and Tony Bellew are the two that are shown in the trailer.

Guessing the storyline of Creed III based on the trailer.

From the beginning and the end of this trailer, I may have an inkling of what may happen throughout the movie.

The movie will start out as Creed beating Ricky Conlan for a title and making that his final match being in the ring after 7 years of “living out” his “wildest dreams” and then going into promoting fights for the likes of Canelo and other fighters.

The movie takes a turn when someone from his past comes to see him. Damian. This man was arrested due to a crime they both committed but he was prosecuted for this crime and sentenced to 18 years in jail, as said in the trailer of the movie. They get to talking and then Creed gets him to come to the gym and he trains him. He starts to become a dangerous fighter and goes pro.

The fight during the trailer was promoted by Creed and Damian managed to win the fight via knockout.

After a while of thinking, Adonis Creed decides to get back into the ring to fight his “childhood” friend as he wants to get everything and take everything away from him. The fight goes towards Damian but nearing the end of the fight, he has his “Rocky” moment and wins the fight.

Making sure he doesn’t lose it all in front of his crowd and doesn’t lose everything for his family!

This is just a prediction as this movie seems to be heading like this, however this could be wrong.

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Banner and Image Credit: Ron Adar

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