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Summoners War! Psamathe

Summoners War! Psamathe

In this post were talking about the Water Fairy King with the awakening name Psamathe he is one of the most popular Arena based units in the game due to his skills and he is very much a core unit in speed for Arena.

The reason behind his popularity is mainly his leader skill as it is strong especially in high level Arena his leader skill is a 33% speed lead for Arena so he gives you the best opportunity to out speed the enemies defences. Not only that but he has a very impressive and useful AOE cool down time increasing skill, this skill can not only do huge damage but it can also stop the enemies from using powerful skills.

This unit is fantastic in so many different comps the only disadvantages to him is that he has a low base speed in the screenshots below you can see a variety of comps where he useable and he can also be used in arena defence that is also shown in the screenshots below.

Now lets talk runes, now this unit can be runed in many different ways the most popular is Despair Blade, however there are some who rune him Swift Blade. Personally, I like my units fast without the chance of being cut so due to me not having fast enough Despair runes, mine is on Swift Blade so he faster and moves in the way I have speed tuned my teams so it all flows efficiently. Also just add a little extra damage I have added some artifacts, some people however might put different artifacts to allow him to be more tanky.

I will say I really don’t see this unit being useful in any other areas of the especially PVE based, I would say if you have this unit to keep him in the PVP scene rather than any dungeons of any sort because he is basically useless any where else, but that my personal take on him, some other might find other uses for him instead of PVP but I believe not many people use him outside of that.

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