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Real or Fake? Giant Snake Attacking Car?

Real or Fake? Giant Snake Attacking Car?

Creatures nowadays are growing bigger and bigger every year, mainly those creatures from the sea but the Pythons are growing massively, almost to the same size as a car. Most people believe that they can grow even bigger than some scientists may suggest, however there has been some recent images about snakes that could make anyone question if they can grow bigger and if they will be a threat to humanity.

This video claims to show a video of a real life python attacking a massive van… strange to see however this could be huge if this is true. The video is only 9 seconds long and from a YouTuber by the name of Music Archive, however the video itself looks to be from some else as this may of been a reupload, however even if it was from this channel, the question will remain the same. The Python does look weird however the way it would wrap around a car and or van is very real. The Python however has a strange crease on the side of its body, looking to be a model of some kind.

The video that claims to show a real life Python attacking a van has been looked at and is deemed to be rea… FAKE! Another day, Another Fake! There is a video that shows the same thing, however showing that this is in fact a model Python. Did you think this was real? For more real or fakes, click here!

Banner and Image Credit: iQoncept

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