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Resident Evil 8: Salvatore Moreau

Resident Evil 8: Salvatore Moreau


Salvatore Moreau was a mutant human who lived in an Eastern European mountain range. Presumably the last surviving member of the Moreau family. He lived at an abandoned reservoir until his death in 2021.


Salvatore Moreau’s past is clouded in mystery, although it is known that he belonged to the Moreau family. Due to his tattoos, there is a good possibility he was a sailor at one point in his past as well.

For generations his family maintained an alliance with the Beneviento, Heisenberg, and Dimitrescu families in controlling an isolated mountain village. As with many others in the region, Moreau was a follower of a local pagan cult led by Mother Miranda.

He was eventually got infected with a Cadou, mutating him into a grotesque fish-like monster. Partly, as a result of his horrid appearance Moreau exhibited a lack of self-worth. He completely isolating himself on his reservoir and only rarely setting foot outside of it.

Shortly before the arrival of Ethan Winters, Miranda handed Moreau a flask containing the crystallized arms. It was of Ethan’s daughter Rose and instructed him to guard it until the ceremony.

Although he was obedient in guarding his flask. He began worrying about being abandoned by Miranda when she would eventually use Rose to resurrect her true daughter Eva.


Out of all the four lords, Moreau is by far the least human in appearance. The Cadou transformed him into a hideous fish-like monster with gills. He also had webbed hands and feet, a hunched back, and a deformed face.

His out of control cell growth also led to large parts of his reservoir being coated in thick, gooey enzymes. He appears to exhibit some control over these enzymes, attempting to trap Ethan by engorging them into walls. He also has a pair of tattoos on his left arm.

On his upper left arm is a jellyfish with the word “Mother” written on a scroll, it goes across the middle of the image.  On the outer facing portion of his left forearm is an anchor similar to those traditionally seen upon sailors.

Most notably, he demonstrates the ability to mutate into an enormous fish-like monster with a gaping maw and eyes across the length of his spinal region. While in this form, he has the ability to expel extremely potent acid from his stomach in large enough quantities and with sufficient force to produce an artificial “acid rain” throughout the entire valley when directed upwards.

He seemingly had some level of control over what form he was in, as he appeared to Ethan as a giant fish before later showing up in his original form. As well as having an apparent history of changing form in order to destroy the boats of fisherman. However, by the time he is confronted by Ethan, he appears to be losing control over his mutation. Eventually becoming stuck in his enormous fish-like form.

This Picture shows the concept art of Moreau.

Game play

During Ethan’s trip across the reservoir Moreau will attempt at many points to knock the player off of the floating structures. The player must move after he has performed his action or get off of the rickety platforms before he reaches him to avoid being eaten.

During his boss battle on the bed of the reservoir he primarily attacks via spewing acidic bile at Ethan. The human portion of the creature will often retreat into his mouth. Although this looks like his weak spot, Moreau does not take any more damage if the player shoots it.

After taking enough damage Moreau will proceed to climb up onto a structure and spew his acidic bile in the air. The player must find shelter under some of the outcroppings to avoid being injured by the rain. He will also create enzyme barriers blocking off paths and requiring the player to stop and attack them in order to pass.

Like Dimitrescu, if enough damage is done to the creature quickly enough it will slump over exposing the human weak point to repeated attacks. However it is only possible to attack this weak point from the front as it is not visible from any other side.

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