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Summoners War! Lapis!

Summoners War! Lapis!

In this post we are going to talk about one of the best farmers in summoners especially for early game, this monster is known as the water magic knight the awakening name being Lapis. This monster is obtainable by every account you are able to get it from the end of the second scenario. This monster you get easily and she will help you in near enough every area of the game, even more in Faimon farming, in turn the game will give you a whole strategy index on farming Faimon to level up your monsters.

In addition, the game will give you perfect farming runes in the second to last scenario which is called Mt.Runar this set of runes is Vampire and Revenge it gives you a complete set of 6, 6 star runes.

Once these runes are applied the rune given to you the state on your Lapis should look similar to the picture below.

This rune set makes it so easy for early game players to breeze though alot of early game content and catch up to many of the older players with the game it also enable to the fact its much more free to play players (f2p).

Lapis is such an effective units you can even use her into late game for other dungeons such as dragons and giants, overall an amazing and she comes with three Area of Effect(AOE) moves sets, which makes her amazing for literally everything.

Will you build her?


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