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Real or Fake? Biggest Monster Found Yet?

Real or Fake? Biggest Monster Found Yet?

There is a lot of evidence that shows Dinosaurs and more use to roam the earth, however is there a big monster out there that has only just been discovered? 

The world is still full of surprises, there is still a lot of things to discover and a lot of things that can be found.

Scientists have been said that they could have discovered another huge monster like creature.

This could all be wrong and the article that stated this was wrong, however this is what is being said about this monster.

Monster Found

This article suggests that there was once a bigger sea monster out there that almost was the same size as the Megalodon.

Reading this article, it says the creature was 50 feet long and weighted in at 45 tons.

Becoming one of the biggest sea creatures in the Jurassic time period. This could be a massive fake, however lets not judge a book by it’s cover.

The claim that this is a real creature that has been found has been looked at and found via a video on YouTube.

The creature is in fact real! This is a massive discovery, however the reason may shock you.

Over at a channel called BillsChannel, he reported this and even went to the place where this was actually found, however nothing could be found about the creature.

He emailed someone about this and discovered that it is real but the article is wrong. This creature was 13 metres, which indicates that the times got it wrong!

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