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Summoners War! Shannon!

Summoners War! Shannon!

Time to meet the monster called Shannon she is a wind pixie she is given to you at the start of the game when your a high enough level to get to unlock the Cairos Dungeons from the mission shown below.

This is the first mission you get when you starts giants so you can’t miss it and will get this amazing unit. Furthermore, there is a 2nd awakening for this amazing unit you will find it in the dimensional hole once you have it unlocked and your team will be all wind there is an example below to show you what the condition you’ll need to 2nd awaken this unit.

As you can see from the post above the units are all of the same element which is the condition you need to complete this 2nd awakening dungeon the screenshot also from the b5 dungeon. Below you can also see the screenshot of the before and after Shannon appearance.

Before the 2nd awakening

After 2nd awakening

Shannon is also amazing unit for giants and can set you you up for your first stable gb12 giants team. She is most commonly runed either Swift, Energy, or Despair, Energy to help with crowd control, personally my Shannon is runed despair energy because I like the extra crowd control help with her area of effect (AOE) slow. Below you can see a basic 100% gb12 team as this used to be my first team for giants gb12 team before I moved onto speed team later game.

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