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Real or Fake? Megalodon Spotted by Tourest?

Real or Fake? Megalodon Spotted by Tourest?

Megalodon… one of the deep ocean’s biggest mysteries, there are a lot of theories about this one shark. They are currently known as gone, lost in time, and not in our ocean today. They use to rule them millions of years ago, maybe even just thousands, however, nothing has been seen of them. Scientists believe that they are gone while others believe they are still around in our ocean. This is due to only 5% of our oceans being unexplored! There are some videos that seem to show a shark big enough to be one, however, is this real? or is this fake? Let’s find out!

This video claims to show a real-life Megalodon jumping and catching a rather large fish while people are running away from the giant creature. There are a lot of things wrong with this video, however. The Shark seems to jump into the pile of people, but suddenly stops and goes back into the ocean somehow. The jump seemed to have been made in another video. This is seeming more and more obvious at this point in time!

As we all guessed, this video that claims to show a real-life Megalodon has been examined and has been looked at for 5 minutes. In conclusion, this is a big fake. Easy to spot as the shark is enlarged from another video and or made in photo software and added to this video of tourists running away from the water! What an easy real or fake this time!

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Banner and Image Credit: Dmitry Demidovich

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