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Real or Fake? Ghosts are Real?

Real or Fake? Ghosts are Real?

The world is full of what happens after you die, dark this time, we know! Scientists are trying to find out if you die and come back as a ghost or if that is for you. Some people believe in different things, such as another life, coming back as something else, going to heaven or hell, and many many more conspiracies out there about what happens. There have been a lot of videos posted about ghosts on YouTube, TikTok, and many other social media platforms. There are some that seem real but are not… Here is one of those!

This video claims to show a real Ghost caught on camera. This is an odd video but could be the proof we need to prove that the world has ghosts in them! The video is not that long but has got a lot to show for it. The girls seem to capture a ghost by the door, then up the stairs, and then by the door when they exit. This could be faked, however, but right now no one knows!

This video that claims to show a real-life ghost has been looked at, a lot! There is no conclusion this time, this is deemed unknown until further notice. With 9 million views, there was nothing that we could go off! This time, the video has beaten us. However, I do suspect this to be fake for one of 2 reasons.

  1. The reaction.
    1. The reaction wasn’t at all bad, don’t get me wrong, the fact they could have seen a ghost, that would scare them like that. However, where were the parents? Surely they would have stayed in the house and the kids would have called them instead of instantly running away from the house. Maybe get out of the house and call them.
  2. The ghost doesn’t move anything other than at the start of the video.
    1. The ghost only moves as if she was walking towards something but nothing else, which could indicate some editing here.

For me, this video is fake, what do you think?

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Banner and Image Credit: Ronnie Chua

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