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Summoners War! Ongyouki!

Summoners War! Ongyouki!

In this post I will writing about a rare unit which is dark natural five start and that is the dark Onimusha with the awakening name of Ongyouki. He is class as what people would call in the summoners war community as overpowered. He is extremely in PvP content and his passive makes him strong because when he under crowd control effects he can’t be killed. He is also unit that provides a lot of damage and life steal so he can keep himself alive in most situation while also giving out a large amount of damage. However like said previously he is a unit that is consider rare among the summoners war community as Light and Dark natural five start are on average one in every 600 scrolls that what it look like on paper but rate are known for being bad in the game in general.

As said previously he is extremely good  in pvp content in the screenshot below there is some arena team I will take him into he is also good in other content such as guild and siege battles.

As you can see with the screenshot I always bring him with both a attack buffer and a defence break they mean he is able to do the max amount of damage within the battle. I also aim to have my team fast this is so I can come in and nuke fast and then be done with it and that is extremely important for my type of play style.

Now lets talk about runes if you are blessed enough to get him early game then fatal energy will be the way to go. However if you are Mid to Late game when getting this Unit Violent, Will or Violent Nemesis is a very good way to go in terms of ruining this incredibly strong unit. Below you will see I have mine currently on violent, Will with both artifacts on attack.

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