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Summoners War! Cheongpung!

Summoners War! Cheongpung!

In this post were going to be writing about one of the most popular unit in Arena due to his skills is the Wind Art Master with the awakening name Cheongpung, he is extremely strong with his AOE defence break in his second skill and then his third skill being a AOE cooldown and attack bar reduction, this make him extremely strong in the PVP field within the game.

I personally find him very enjoyable unit to use and can change games he is not so much used in the PVE, he is definitely more PVP orientate over the PVE content. However he is still good for early game unit for PVE and PVP content. In the screenshot below you can an arena team I use.

Now lets talk about runes for this unit its important that he is fast so he can do his nonsense. There tends to be two common builds for him the main one being Swift, Will or Violent, Will. I personally find him better on Swift in stead of Violent but that because I can’t find the faster runes but below you will see a standard rune build for the Wind Art Master but keep in mind he does need accuracy in order to land his skills that is very important as he is an important attack bar control unit.  Below you will see my runes!

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