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FIFA 22: Career Mode Ideas!

FIFA 22: Career Mode Ideas!

As we come to the end of FIFA 22, there are still a lot of challenges the average FIFA player can do. FIFA Ultimate Team is seemingly going down as they are dropping some incredible cards and some incredible SBCs at the moment, however, Career Mode is fresh to a lot of people, here are 4 challenges and information that you could do to have fun on FIFA 22 until the launch of FIFA 23!

  • Winning the Quad with any team!
    • Winning the league with Liverpool for say can be easy, even winning the Champions League with them will be easy. This could be a hard challenge for some of you as there are a few rules that come with this.
    • You can buy whoever you want but sticking with the transfer budget, selling is allowed to, pretty much a standard career mode.
    • Game settings must stay the same throughout, meaning there is a high chance you may lose the game due to the high skill level of your opponent. The only main rule is… The difficulty must be on Ultimate. Meaning there is no way to win the game unless you are great at the game or if the team is unstoppable.
    • Siming the game is allowed as well.
    • This makes for a fun challenge and a great chance to see if you like career mode.
  • Winning the Premier League and Champions League with a League 2 side.
    • The same rules apply from the previous challenge, however, the teams are any team from league 2.
    • Harrogate Town is the team I would choose as they were newly promoted a few seasons ago, however, your hometown may be a good team too if they are in the league!
  • Creating a team and winning all the trophies throughout the career with them. 
    • This one is a bog standard one, as they added a create a team future, which is perfect for those who love to create a club rather than using normal clubs.
    • Career mode has some interesting features this time and this may help those who are wanting a challenge.

There are many more different challenges to do as well, and or add them all into one big challenge and make Carlisle United win the quad and or make a team from the ground up win the quad.

Banner and Image Credit: Stefano Chiacchiarini ’74

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