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Fortnite Update!

Fortnite Update!

The newest update for Fortnite has just been released and many fans are saying this is a great update, while other are on edge about it. This is great for many fans and great for all the Star Wars fans out there as Darth Vader has made an appearance in the world of Fortnite as an NPC but he will attack! 

The most recent update in Fortnite changed a couple of things that will make the game a lot better for everyone and changed some of the bugs that were in the game from launch, however one massive change has happened!

Darth Vader has entered Fortnite Island as a killable character. He holds the mythic lightsaber and this can be obtained if the average player manages to kill Darth Vader, however, it already seems harder than it should be!

The NPC can;

  • Use the force.
    • This seems like a given with this character, however, he is able to stop the player from moving and throw things at them.
  • Block your bullets.
    • Another feature that seems normal as he holds a lightsaber, however, this makes it 10 times harder to kill.
  • Throw his saber.
    • This is a feature not a lot of people would have thought would happen, however, he can do this

You can find him by waiting for his ship to set up base and then go and try to kill him! Will you beat him?

Banner and Image Credit: Jennie Book

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