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Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Russell Brand (Russell Edward Brand) is an English Comedian, Actor, Radio Host, Activist and writer.

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Russell Brand - Bio

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Russell Brand was born on the 4th of June 1975 in Grays, Essex, England. Brand was raised primarily by his mother after his father left when he was six months old.

His childhood is brilliantly described in his autobiography My Booky Wook. The book goes into vast details about his relationship with his family, upbringing, relationship with sex, drugs, and everything else in between.

Brand made his Theatrical Debut at 15 in his school's production of Bugsy Malone, after which he began work as an extra. In 1991 he was accepted to Italia Conti Academy with his first year's tuition paid for by the council. However, after his first year, he was expelled for poor attendance and drug use.

In 1994 he made an appearance in the British TV Show The Bill and later the children's adventure TV Series Mud.

In 2000 he performed stand-up comedy at the Hackney Empire, New Act of the Year Final, and finished fourth. In the same year, he made his debut at the Edinburgh comedy festival. Stand-up Comedy was the main focus of his early career with a smattering of TV shows.

His first major movie role came in 2007 as Flash Harry is St Trinian's. The following year Brand's recognition in America rose significantly after starring in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, he was reprised for the role of Aldous Snow for the Movie 'Get him to the Greek' co-starring Jonah Hill.

Brand throughout his career has battled with substance addiction, however, through his spiritual journey is now sober. Brand is an avid activist attending multiple rallies and is invited on a regular basis to speak on any act for change.

Brand is a keen and lifelong supporter of West Ham United and has guest wrote about football generally for several media entities.

Russell Brand has had a vast array of sexual relationships but has now is in a stable relationship with Laura Gallacher. They have been in a relationship since 2015. They married in 2017 and have two children Mabel and Peggy. Previous to this relationship his most publicised relationship was with Katy Perry.

Brand and Perry met in 2009, they became engaged the same year and married in 2010. On the 30th December 2011, Brand Filled for divorce. Brand stated that the reason for the breakdown of the relationship was simply due to a conflict of schedule and therefore not being together very often. Brand made it very clear that he was in love with Perry and didn't want to do anything to upset her. In the divorce, Brand would have been entitled to half of an estimated 44 million dollars Perry earned during their marriage but Brand declined entitlement.


You can find Brands Podcast, writings and more on his website http://russellbrand.com/




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