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TOTS Moments Fati!

TOTS Moments Fati!

Team of the Season has been here for a while now, however, a great card has just been added to the Objectives part of FIFA Ultimate Team! With a couple more months to go until another EA Sports game gets released, fans are excited about more content.

The man that is featured in the Objectives looks incredible. Has amazing stats, great shooting, great dribbling, and is a great all-around winger for your left midfield and or left forward! Ansu Fati is the man featured in this week’s objectives!

Fati has 99 pace, 95 dribbling, 93 shooting, 87 passing, and 82 physicality! What a great card this is! Here is how you can obtain the card!

Image Credit: FUTWIZ mobile

All games must be played in Fut Friendly: La Liga Links!

  • Winning Feeling
    • Win 4 matches in La Liga Links!
  • Wide Man
    • Score a goal in 10 friendly matches
    • Separate matches might we add!
  • Fati Flicks
    • Score 5 goals with players with a min skill move of 4 stars
  • Through Class
    • Assist with a through ball 5 times

All this should take 10 games if the team is good enough and the average player scores with their midfielder rather than the attackers!

Banner and Image Credit: Miguel Lagoa

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