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The Resident! Season 1 Episode 7!

The Resident! Season 1 Episode 7!

The Elopement

The episode start with Doctor Bell getting ready however his hand shakes so bad he can’t even do his cufflinks.

We then meet a patient that has stage 4 lung cancer and Nic and Conrad try to figure out what they want to do with him and go over the regular stuff with him.

We then get brought to Dr Bell who is in the meeting who is talking complication rates.

We then get taken to a famous client who Conrad and Devon who has been assign to work on the new patient. The patient is Bobby Singer.

We then get brought to Conrad and Dr Hunter talking about Mr Philip’s about his treatment who just want to go home.

We then get brought to Mina and Dr Bell who is talking about how he saved Mina job as they were looking for a scapegoat and he stopped that from being Mina.

We then get taken back to Bobby Singer who has a clot in his thigh and Conrad tries to be realistic but get shut down by Bobby singer manager.

We get brought to a scene where Devon and his girlfriend are having lunch together and Devon starts talking about Dr Hunter and end up seeking help how to find evidence against her.

We then we see Mina in surgery which is successful and Dr Bell tells Mina he will be assisting him from now on because he needs to save his own skin.

They then find out they had to give Bobby Singer the bad news and that he wouldn’t be able to play till mid next season.

We then see Dr Bell basically being told Mina can’t attend along side Dr Bell in surgery.

Dr Philip’s then decides to go home just wanting to die in peace with his Wife.

 The Review

This episode was emotional we got to meet a new side to Dr hunter and that was a money hungry and didn’t care about actually listening to the patients we also learn how doctor Bell tries to manipulate Mina more and more and it was just disrespectful. I love the new stories we uncovered during this.



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