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Flashback TOTS Card!

Flashback TOTS Card!

EA Sports have been busy with TOTS, Team of the Season, and have decided to add some more special items into Ultimate Team to allow players to try and play matches to win them! The most noticeable ones are the TOTS, Team of the Season, flashback cards that have been dropping.

The most recent player that was dropped into Ultimate Team was Flashback Sule. This card is unbelievable. 88 Pace, 93 Defending, and 92 physical on a defender is insane and for a card, the average person can win? You can’t complain! This is how you can win yourself a 92-rated Sule!

Image Credit: FUTWIZ

All games must be completed in FUT Friendly: Bundesliga Best!

  1. Long Shot!
    1. Score 3 goals from outside the box.
    2. The reward is TOTS token Jorge Chanza
  2. Defensive Delivery
    1. Assist 4 goals using Defenders
    2. The reward is a Fut Pack
  3. Successful Streak
    1. Win 4 matches
  4. German Grit
    1. Score in 10 separate matches using a German player.

The average player can be lucky doing this, however! 10 games to possibly complete it. There is a trick to this! Making an average Bundesliga team and adding some amazing players to the bench and scoring with them is how many players are doing it! Are you going to complete this card?

Banner and Image Credit: Cassiano Correia

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