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NFL Week Eight Round Up – Patriots & 49ers Stay Unbeaten

NFL Week Eight Round Up – Patriots & 49ers Stay Unbeaten

The 100th NFL season is nearing the half way stage and it is proving to be a bit of an unpredictable season, with only a handful of teams shining and even fewer completely tanking. The big story of the week was the Patriots marching on to 8-0; they are already three games clear in the race for home filed advantage in the playoffs, and the way things are going they could clinch a first round bye by the end of November. Otherwise in the AFC things are pretty tight, with only one win separating to and bottom in the South and some bunching in the North & West. Who knows who is going to come out of the pack to challenge New England. One thing which does look more predictable is the destination of the No 1 draft pick with  The only zero win teams residing in this conference. Throw in the one win Jets and they look like winning the Tua Tagovailoa (or is it now Joe Burrows) lottery.

The NFC on the other hand is showing a fair degree of separation – outside of the East anyway.  San Francisco cruised to 7-0 with a beat down on a pretty good Panther team and the addition of Emmanuel Saunders looks like making the offense just as scary as their defense.  Still at least they still have some competition with both Green Bay & New Orleans on seven wins. The NFC East looks bad and there is a strong possibility that the division champion will have a lower win count than one of the wild cards.

The London series continued with Wembley being the venue this time. The interest level in this one was further elevated as it was one that last years Super Bowl runners up the Rams couldn’t afford to lose if they were to avoid being cut adrift in the strong NFC West. They duly obliged leaving the Bengals still winless on the year.

Anyway the weeks results were as follows:

Thursday Night

Washington 9 @ Minnesota 19


Seattle 27 @ Atlanta 20

Philadelphia 31 @ Buffalo 13

LA Chargers 17 @ Chicago 16

New York Giants 17 @ Detroit 31

Tampa Bay 23 @ Tennessee 27

Denver 13 @ Indianapolis 15

Cincinnati 10 @ LA Rams 24 (Wembley Stadium)

Arizona 9 @ New Orleans 31

New York Jets 15 @ Jacksonville 29

Carolina 13 @ San Francisco 51

Cleveland 13 @ New England 27

Oakland 24 @ Houston 27

Green Bay 31 @ Kansas City 24

Monday Night Football

Miami 14 @ Pittsburgh 27

Bye Week
Dallas & Baltimore

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