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NFL 2022 Week Four Results There Is Only One

NFL 2022 Week Four Results There Is Only One

Week Four saw the start of the International games and the opener in London was a decent advert for the game. Plenty of offense and close right to the end. What more could you want? Well, how about a weekend full of one-score games and some heroic performances in defeat. Overall nine games were decided by one score.

The weekend’s most anticipated game went to the Chiefs who got revenge for their recent Super Bowl loss to Tampa. The accolades will go to Patrick Maholmes, however, Tom Brady put up some impressive numbers.

He had 385 yards passing and 3 TDs but got no help from the run game or the defense, both of whom were uncharacteristically poor. The Buccs only had 3 yards rushing and their much-vaunted defense allowed KC to dominate on the ground giving up 189 yards.

Jared Goff similarly had an impressive night but ended up losing too. He had 378 yards and 4TDs in the Lion’s 48-45 loss to the Seahawks. Both defenses had nights to forget and the much-maligned Geno Smith even managed to light up the Detroit secondary.

Anyway here are some of the week’s highlights…

Last Man Standing

We are only four games in and already we are down to one undefeated team. Philadelphia take a bow! Not the greatest of performances but still they showed a lot of character to come back from an early 14-point deficit. Are they for real? Well, we will know a lot more after this week’s trip to Arizona.

The Raiders will also be happy this week as they lost the least-wanted tag of being the only team with a 100% losing record. As we said last week though their losses had been one-score games so they were due a better bounce of the ball.

Other Talking Points

Pittsburgh benched Mich Trubisky in their loss to The Jets, and it looks likely that they will move forward with rookie Kenny Pickett under centre. Pickett opened his account by throwing three picks, so it could be a long hard learning curve behind this Steelers O-Line. Given they are 1-3 in a strong AFC North it sort of makes sense to give up now.

Speaking of struggling QBs it was good to see Chicago’s Justin Fields at least have a mediocre night. He managed to avoid throwing a pick and racked up a season-high 174 yards passing. This was greatly helped by a 56-yard catch and run from Darnell Mooney and he only completer 50% of his passes. Still, when you are in a team as bad as the Bears it’s hard to shine. They lost to the Giants despite Big Blue losing both their starting and backup QBs to in-game injuries!

Justin Fields

We imagine Justin Fields sometimes wishes he was back at Ohio State.
Image: Jamie Lamor Thompson/

Different story in San Francisco though as stand-in Jimmy Garropolo led the Niners to an impressive win. maybe he should have been starter from day one.

Anyway, the week’s results are below…

Thursday Night

Miami 15 @ Cincinnati 27

Sunday Games

Minnesota 28 @ New Orleans 25 (In London)

Cleveland 20 @ Atlanta 23

Washington 10 @ Dallas 25

Seattle 48 @ Detroit 45

Tennessee 24 @ Indianapolis 17

Chicago 12 @ New York Giants 20

Jacksonville 21 @ Philadelphia 29

New York Jets 24 @ Pittsburgh 20

Buffalo 23 @ Baltimore 20

LA Chargers 34 @ Houston 24

Arizona 26 @ Carolina 16

New England 24 @ Green Bay 27 (OT)

Denver 23 @ LV Raiders

Sunday Night Game

Kansas City 41 @ Tampa Bay 31

Monday Night Game

LA Rams 9 @ San Francisco 24

You can check out next week’s games here. 

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