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Who Else Could Have Entered the MCU in Spiderman?

Who Else Could Have Entered the MCU in Spiderman?

With the release of Spiderman: No Way Home and the introduction of the multiverse, there was an endless amount of directions they could have gone with this one movie. They went with the three Spiderman’s fighting all the villains with Doctor Strange fixing the day.

There hasn’t been much on this topic, however who else could have entered the MCU without Doctor Strange, Spiderman, and any other characters knowing?

Mary Jane Watson

With the introduction of Tobey Macguire’s Spiderman, there could have been another crossover with his MJ. Mary Jane could have entered the MCU without anyone knowing. She may have not been seen and stayed low like Venom and Eddie Brock did.

The likelihood of this happening will have been slim, however with 5 villains and 2 superheroes entering the MCU in that time frame the multiverse was open for… It is possible that she could have entered from Sam Raimi’s universe without anyone knowing.

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Gwen Stacy

With some old villains returning after the whole Spiderman fanbase thought they were dead… It is possible that Gwen Stacy could have entered the MCU as she knew that Peter Parker was Spiderman in The Amazing Spiderman 1, there was a scene that could of been great if Gwen were to return!

When all the Spidermans met up, well both different once with MJ and Ned, instead of introducing Tobey, they could have introduced Gwen! This may not of had the same reaction but this could have been a great storyline showing Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Gwen.

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Everyone that saw Peter Parker on the Train

It is possible that some people from the infamous train scene knew Peter Parker was Spiderman and entered the MCU at the same time as the others. It’s obvious that none of them did, however, the weird part about all this is that some of them could have and didn’t get noticed by anyone.

This scene comes from the second installment of Sam Raimi’s Spiderman. With Doc Ock fighting Spiderman on the train and Spiderman saves everyone and everyone saw that Peter Parker was Spiderman.

There could have been more, including Eddie Brock Venom from Spiderman 3, Harry Osborn’s Green Goblin from both Spiderman 3, and The Amazing Spiderman 2… The list is endless!

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