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Real or Fake? Are Zombies Real?

Real or Fake? Are Zombies Real?

The world is a strange place right now, with a lot of new things happening every single day. China is seeming to be the place where everything is happening, from Covid-19 to now Zombies? A massive outbreak has been suggested in China. This is strange to think about as not too long ago, Covid-19 was the outbreak, however now China has been seen with Zombies!

This video claims to show a real-life Zombie outbreak in China. This is terrible news for a lot of people around the world. Another outbreak on the way could be the end of humanity as we know it! Zombies have been a hot topic around the world for many years now, as a lot of people have been seen posting videos about seeing and or catching a zombie on camera, however, 100% of the time, this is fake. This one however is hard to spot.

The video that claims to show a real-life zombie outbreak happening in China has been looked at by Bills Channel, as this topic was massive, however, he concluded that the video is in fact, Real… Wait no I got it wrong, big fake! The video is actually from a movie that was made a while ago. Meaning that there is no real-life zombie outbreak happening. Shocking and annoying for some viewers!

What would you do if this was real?

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