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Ant and Dec in drag Hoping to make a change!

Ant and Dec in drag Hoping to make a change!

On a recent episode of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway Which Ru Paul helped host Ant and Dec thought it would be an inspiring move to dress themselves up as two Drag queens and they said “This will change LGBTQ+ Children’s lives!”

A make-up artist behind Ant and Dec’s drag transformation says their primetime TV performance will help young people see LGBTQ+ representation in a positive light.

Ant and Dec named their drag alter egos, Lady Antoinette and Miss Donna Lee on the ITVS show Saturday Night Takeaway.

“While I was doing Dec’s make-up I said to him: ‘You might not realize this, but when you go out there in drag and you do this song on a mainstream stage it’s going to change so many young queer children’s lives. And he totally got it,” said Ellis.

During the show Ant and Dec is otherwise known as Lady Antoinette and Miss Donna Lee performed alongside the Drag Race UK Winners The Vivienne, Lawrence Chaney, and Krystal Versace they performed the song; which raises money for The Trussell Trust, a food bank charity; We Werk Together!

They were all extremely praised for bringing the Drag culture to a mainstream audience with takeaway, which can pull in more than 8 million viewers an episode!

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