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She-Hulk: Episode 4 Review

She-Hulk: Episode 4 Review

She-Hulk: Episode 4

She-Hulk: episode 4 “Is this not real magic?”

We have reached the 4th instalment of season one of She-Hulk. After the events surrounding the release of Abomination in episode 3 and the introduction of wong to the series, this episode carries on with wong as the focal guest for the episode.

Donny Blaze

We start the episode with an introduction to Donny blaze, a magician who appears to lack any great skill, but we learn is a former student of the mystic arts. After a failed attempt to impress the crowd, he asks for a volunteer to join him on the stage, which introduces us to the slightly inebriated Madisynn to the storyline.

Again failing to impress the crowd and now Madisynn also, he is encouraged to try something more elaborate. Blaze places a sling ring on his hand that we were introduced to from Doctor Strange’s training in the mystic arts.

Rhys Coiro as Donny Blaze and Patty Guggenheim as Madisynn in Marvel Studios' She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, exclusively on Disney+

Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. © 2022 MARVEL.

Donny Blaze proceeds to create a portal behind Madisynn, thus impressing the crowd.

Wong is Back

We are taken to Kathmandu, Nepal, for the reintroduction of Wong, where he is settling in to watch the Sopranos Season 5 Episode 12 “Long Term Parking.”

Madisynn appears from the portal holding a heart. She reveals that she had been sent by Donny Blaze to a different dimension when a talking goat had helped her get back in return for six drops of her blood.

After Madisynn ruins the plot of the episode of Sopranos and Wong exclaims, “Donny Blaze is going to pay for this!”

That fourth wall thing is back again.

Jen Walters breaks the Forth wall again to address the audience. Making a statement about the audience being happy about the return of Wong and providing the line, “It’s like giving the show twitter armor for the week.”

Obviously, a gesture to the MCU fan, given the debate around the fourth wall being broken by any character other than Dead Pool.

Walters’ dad enters the scene in Jens’s apartment in order to beef up security after the attack on Walters in the last episode.

Wong instructs Walters

We are taken to Walters’s office, where she is now appearing in She-Hulk, a requirement of her position as described in Episode 2. After a brief conversation with Nikki and Walters about setting up a dating profile, Wong appears to explain that he need help with a legal issue against Donny Blaze.

Wong explains that Donny Blaze was banished from being a student after summoning alcohol and frat brothers to host a party.

Wong reveals that he wants to use the legal system to set an example of Donny Blaze. Walters explains that without a contract in place and evidence that Donny Blaze has breached such a contract, Wong will find it difficult to get a favourable result.

However, in the next scene, we are taken to the Legal Case bar and grill, where we see that Walters has finished drafting a cease and desist order for Wong to be served upon Donny Blaze.

Nikki and Jen discuss Walters’s dating profile and whether she should appear as She-Hulk or Jen Walters on her Profile.

The Cease and Desist

She-Hulk and Wong serve a Cease and desist to Donny Blaze, who is joined by Cornelius P. Willows, the owner of the Mystic Castle. She-Hulk and Wong depart separately, stating that she will see them in court. As she is about to leave, she gets a notification on her phone that she has a match on her dating app.

The Date with Alan

Jen Walters is now on the date with her match Alan. The date is clearly not going well and ends with a humourous scene regarding the age-old question of who should pay the bill.

Wong vs Donny Blaze

The hearing takes place, and we are taken to court, where Wong is forced to summon a witness in favour of his case. Much to the displeasure of Wong, he summons Madisynn.

Madisynn talks of her visit to the fiery dimension she was sent to by Donny Blaze, where she made a pact with a demon, which could be a nod to Mephisto, in order to return.

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © 2022 MARVEL.

After Madisynn finishes her testimony, the train ends with the judge stating it will take a few weeks to give a decision. She allows Donny Blaze to continue practicing magic until the decision is handed down.

 She-Hulk gets a dating app

We are next taken back to the apartment of Jen Walters, who after a brief conversation with nikki over the phone sets up a dating profile for she-hulk. Istantly after setting up the profile she begins to get multiple matches.

We next see She-hulk on multiple dates with her matches until she gets to Arthur who She-hulk feels instant attraction to after

Donny Blaze – The show goes on

Donny Blaze is continuing with his magic show and is failing to woo the crowd by summoning portals and so tries something new. He summons a dove like bird that flies into his guest assistant’s hand which lays an egg before flying off. The egg hatches into a demon like creature. In a panic the charleton magicial opens up a portal into what looks like could well be Hell’s gate as seen in Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness. In ordeer to rid the creature he kicks it through the portal, however, more creatures appear causing a mass panic as they start to attack the crowd.

Donny Blaze opens up a portal to Wong, and pleads for his help. Wong in response to Donny Blazes’ statement of “I’ll do anything” tells him to call his lawyer referring to She-Hulk.

This call interupts the date between She-Hulk and Arthur which has now been relocated to Jen Walters house. She-Hulk ignores her phone only for Wong to create a portal into her house and request her help.

She-Hulk and Wong take on the Demon-Like Creatures

In a brief action scene Wong creates a portal another dimension for She-Hulk to battle and abolish the creatures. After completing she makes an agreement with Donny Blaze to adhear to the cease and desist order.

She then returns back to her date, and they exit to whta we can assume is a little bit of you know what.

 Titania makes the news

The next Morning we are taken to Jen Walters recieving a text from nikki to get the “goss” from She-Hulks date the night before and also alerty her that Titania is in the news. It is shown that Titania has been cleared of all charges relating to the incident at the courthouse.

Arthur enters the room confused by the appearance of the now Jen Walters instead of She-Hulk. Obviouslyt put off by this he leaves without eating the breakfast prepared by Jen.

A knock on the door arrives and when Jen opens the door she greets a process server who serves her a law suit from Titania as Mary Macpherran as owner of She-Hulk by Titania, a company. For the use of She-Hulk which she has Trademarked.

Wong loves a Gin and Tonic

This ends the episode and the post credit scene shows a biut more of Wong and Madisynn in a fun scene discussing alcoholic beverages.

With Wong explaining that his favourite drink is a Gin and Tonic.


Another episode with the storyline moving rather slowly again. Wong showing a different side to his character one that we were introduced to in Shang-Chi brought a fun element to the episode.

For a show thats set to be a Superhero courtroom drama so far theres not been much courtroom, drama or action.

Hopefully more development to come through a little faster as we hit the halfway point of the series.


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