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5 Most Dangerous Challenge!

5 Most Dangerous Challenge!

 Some challenges can be incredibly fun to be apart of, like the Ice Bucket Challenge, others can be incredibly dangerous and can cause a lot of deaths. These are some of the most dangerous challenges that has happened over social media.

#5 Kiki Challenge!

This challenge consists of anyone that had a car to have the car moving ad for them to get out of the moving car and dance right next to the car. This challenge was incredibly dangerous and surprisingly didn’t cause many issues.

There was one incident that took place where someone managed to fracture their skull doing this challenge.

#4 Hot Water Challenge!

This one doesn’t sound so bad, until you look into what you were meant to do!

This consists of someone boiling water to the hottest they can and pouring this “boiling water” over random and unsuspecting people.

One man fell victim to this and was put on the news due to him suffering 2nd degree burns.

#3 Nyquil Chicken!

Now, this one doesn’t seem normal or sound really bad, again wait to hear what you have to do!

People would cook chicken using Nyquil, which is a cold and flu medicine and the medicine would get more concentrated which means that it would be more dangerous.

Nothing was reported to have happened during this challenge, however this is hard to believe as this could be harmful to any human.

#2 Tide Pod Challenge!

This is a very well known one, this one could have been one of the most dangerous ones if it weren’t for number 1.

This challenge had someone having a tide pod in there hands and eating it.

This one was strange to say the least, however there was reported to be at least 10 deaths happening from this strange challenge.

#1 Blackout Challenge!

Another strange one to say the least, however one that could physically and easily die from it.

This one would see the person choking themselves and forcing themselves to blackout, now don’t do this as more than 80 deaths were reported by this.

Banner and Image Credit: Roman Samborskyi

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