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Stranger Things! Season 1 Episode 8!

Stranger Things! Season 1 Episode 8!

Chapter Eight: The Upside Down.

Introduction to the episode

The episode starts at the dead of night and we get a good view of the lab and we see Joyce handcuffed and screaming to be let out. Before Dr Brenner walks in. He asks her question and he tires to get information out of her and tires to play with her heart. She then refuses to help him and tells him to go to hell.

Hopper meanwhile is getting teaser and tortured and the men and women tell him he’s a junkie about to give him another injection. He started making demands.

Then we get bought to boys in high school while Mike goes looking for the older two, he finds out they are gone and El tells them that they are basically going to fight the Demogorgon. We see Nancy and Johnathan take there supplies and begin to set up the house with traps and prepare to kill the Demogorgon

Then we get brought to Hopper and Doctor Brenner where hopper is seen smoking and he asks where the girl is. That when Hopper makes a deal with him and comes to get Joyce. Hopper explains the whole situation and prepare to take the plunge into the upside down. While the lab set off to find El.

Main Part of the Episode

We come into the upside down after the Introduction to the episode and Joyce is breathing frantically and tells Joyce to relax trying to calm her down when it triggers a flashback with his daughter trying to calm his own daughter breathing as they walk more into the Upside down.

Johnathan and Nancy now stand together getting ready to cut there hand to lore the Demogorgon too them. Then we get brought to the boy who decide to stay in the school and brought back to Nancy and Johnathan who are patch each other up while they wait for Demogorgon. When Steve comes banging on the door and want to talk to Johnathan and then Nancy holds a gun to him when the Demogorgon decides to come pay a visit and they hide out in Will’s room. They go out to see and find out the monster had ran away.

Joyce and Hopper continue on though the upside down and see the fort destroyed and Joyce yells out for Will. This triggers another flashback for Hopper with his daughter and some of his final moments with her that were good.  Then we see Nancy yelling at Steve to get out as it come back for a second time. Steve ends up leaving and then come’s back in and saves Nancy forcing it into the bear trap as Johnathan set it on fire, however it simply disappears and doesn’t actually die the three teens are left shook.

Joyce and Hopper see the blood trail in the upside down and Johnathan notices as they both continue on. The boys manage to raid the kitchen in the school. Mike and El are talking to one another. When everything is rudely interrupted and the bad men are now swarming the school to find the kids. They all rush around and then find them, this causes El to use her powers and begins to kill some of the guards and then pass out due to how weak she is.

Meanwhile Hopper and Joyce continue on in there search for Will, while also following the blood trail which leads to the school. Dr Brenner comes up to Eleven. She calls him papa and also calls him bad she asks for Mike when the light begin to flicker as there was blood which means the monster was on its way. Dr Brenner seems to get killed by the Demogorgon. While the Joyce and Hopper keep following though the school. They find Barb dead body before finding Will pulling him away from the wall.

The Demogorgon breaks into the classroom with them and El stands up to fight the Demogorgon with the last of her remaining strength. She aims to kill it saying goodbye to Mike. While this is going on Hopper is going CPR on Will doing his best to bring him back to life wanting to save him all the while as he reminded of how he lost his daughter.

When will starts breathing Joyce holds him crying of Joy then were brought to Will laying in a hospital bed and is finally awake again and is safe. When the other boys were all so happy and started telling him about everything.

Then we get brought forward once Will had recovered they were all playing dungeon and dragons. We watch how Will is brought home by Johnathan. Once he home he goes to the bathroom he coughs up something strange which cause like a flash back to the upside down.

The Review

This episode was amazing! This seriously was the best and open so many doors for season two! So many questions for season 2! can’t wait to starting writing about would 100% recommend to anyone at first I didn’t really want to watch it but now I’m hooked!




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