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The croods: A New Age review

The croods: A New Age review

The croods a new age, is the sequel to the original croods, in the original croods Grug the father of the pack of cavemen did everything to protect his family, even if that meant going hungry for a week! this family of cavemen hunted on a weekly basis in the wild and returned to their cave where they remained safe, grug found it hard to control his teenage daughter Eep as she was a wanderer and liked to explore!

On one of Eep’s adventures she came across a teenage boy called Guy, he was adamant that the world they lived in would soon come to an end and that they needed to escape!


The movie begins by showing the family riding what they once saw as dangerous animals but now call pets thanks to Guy showing them the whole new world they never got to explore.

A flashback shows the death of Guy’s parents when he was a child. As they drown in tar, they tell him to find somewhere called “tomorrow”. He goes on a long journey and meets a young Belt before taking him along for the ride. This eventually leads up to events of meeting Eep and her family.

The family and their pets ‘chunky’ and ‘Douglas’ went on searching for a place to settle down and relax whilst surviving many dangers on the way there, Guy and Eep’s relationship gets more and more romantic and as a typical dad Grug keeps an eye out and make sure no funny business is happening…

Guy and Eep eventually get engaged as they fear for their lives in getting to the  ‘Tomorrowland’

Grug walks off in a storm which leads him to this huge wall, on the other side of this wall was the family ‘The bettermans’ who knew guy and his parents and were so happy to have come across him.

The movie goes on and the daughter of the Betterman family, Dawn, was getting forced to turn guy to their side and to leave the crood family, the parents, Phil and hope Betterman try to pursue something romantic between the two teenagers, but it only pushes eep and guy more together in the end, with of course some hurdles!

The ending of the movie shows the bettermans and the croods settle their differences and allow the croods to live in their land as neighbors, and with guy and eep being each other’ tomorrow’ they stay with the bettermans in their family home!

banner and image credits: Marko Aliaksandr

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