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Stranger Things! Season 1 Episode 6!

Stranger Things! Season 1 Episode 6!

Chapter Six: The Monster

Introduction to the Episode

The episode starts with Johnathan calling for Nancy searching for her and Nancy shouting back to him but she was in the upside down. She see the Demogorgon and hides behind a tree. Johnathan see the portal to the upside down and Nancy reaches though and pulls her our and she sobbing clinging onto him as the portal closes up.

Main part of the Episode

Now we see Steve driving to Nancy house with his friends to Nancy house and he goes to climb onto her roof and looks though the window and that when he see Johnathan putting something over her shoulder.

Now we see Joyce and Hopper talking about what he saw in the lab describing it to her and he mentions a drawing with Eleven on it. Then something clicks in his mind about Benny’s death and how a young child was with him. He believes as he been looking for Will he actually been chasing some other kid.

Nancy decides to take a shower after there adventures and she has flash back to what she saw reliving the fears. While Johnathan is setting down something on the floor to sleep on. Nancy get in bed still clearly shook up by the whole event. She asks Johnathan to come lay next to her and he does his best to look after her as she was still scared about the Demogorgon coming to get her.

Were brought to the morning and Elevens not there and then Mike destroys where she had been sleeping. Then we see Hopper at a phone box getting a address and getting back into the car with Joyce. Then were back to Nancy and Johnathan and  Nancy assuming the worse and they come up with a theory that it can detect blood and they need to be able to handle it.

Dustin now head to Mike house trying to fix everything before they lose all there friendship. So Dustin’s tells Mike there going to Lukas’s then going to find El. Now we see El waking up in the forest and she walks around coming to a lake and she put’s the wig on then take it off shouting out.

Hopper and Joyce now come to a woman house wanting to talk to Terry, but she was non responsive. Now we see Lukas preparing to go to the gate alone not wanting to make up with Mike. Where as Mike and Dustin were going out looking for El.

Lukas eventually finds the lab but it was all sealed off, after that we see Nancy and Johnathan shopping for supplies to catch the Demogorgon. The cashier rings them. One of Steve friends drives past and they have vandalized the cinema and Nancy goes to confront Steve about last night and she tires to stick up from herself. Steve then start to pick on Johnathan and they breakout into a fight. Steve ends up very much hurt while Johnathan ends up getting arrest.

Nancy and Johnathan end up sitting in the police station together while she get him some ice. Then we see El eating some Eggo and Mike and Dustin calling for her when they spot there bullies they drop there bikes and run while Lukas finds a tree to climb up onto to attempt to find the gate and look inside the lab. The two boys keep running and end up getting cut off while one of the other boys grabs Dustin holding a knife to his neck. Mike get told to jump off a cliff into a river below but it was such a large drop. Dustin begs him not too and he does but get help up in the air and then brought back up.

The bullies couldn’t believe it and that when they see El appear and she broke the bully arm. However she used too much of her powers in one go which causes her to blackout and we see her in a flashback where the Demogorgon is feeding she touches it and this was how the gate was opened. Mike wakes her up and she admits the gate was something she opened it and calls herself a monster but Mike tells her she not.

The Review

This episode was amazing we watch how some friendship were broken and just how many things could be said and to who. The character development was amazing and ever learning more and more about El life and past and find out she had a mother was amazing. Can’t wait to watch the next episode to see if Nancy and Johnathan can deal with the Demogorgon and if El may be brought back to the lab we’ll just have to wait and see.

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