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Resident Evil! Lady Alcina Dimitrescu!

Resident Evil! Lady Alcina Dimitrescu!

Alcina Dimitrescu Introduction

Quote- ‘ You will learn what it means to insult House Dimitrescu!’ – Alcina Dimitrescu

Countess Alcina Dimitrescu, who is more commonly known as Lady Dimitrescu, she is a mutant human aristocrat. Born in the 1950’s until her death in 2021. She was someone who ruled over the village peasantry near the castle where she lived.

She was one of the four lords and this was one of the regions. For more than sixty years the village folk lived under the fear of the Lady as over the harsh allegations of mass murder and cannibalism, which were found out later to be completely true.

She was later killed by Ethan Winters in February 2021, after conspiring with Mother Miranda in the taking of her daughter on Rose.


Alcina Dimitrescu past

Alcina Dimitrescu was born into the noble Dimitrescu family sometime before the Great War, and through this ancestry inherited a hereditary blood disease. Although her family traced their origins to Cesar, one of the four founders of an isolated mountain village in Europe.

Alcina herself lived elsewhere, perhaps through a cadet branch. At some point in her youth, likely the 1930s, she had a brief music career in the emerging Jazz scene. Where she went by the name “Miss D” and played with a band called “The Pallboys”.

In the aftermath of the Second World War and the abolition of the nobility, Dimitrescu returned to her family’s former lands, which had fallen under the control of a neopagan cult worshipping the Black God.

Experiment Changes

Prior to 1958, at the age of 44, Dimitrescu was lured by the cult leader, Mother Miranda, to a crypt beneath the village cemetery.Where she was surgically implanted with a Cadou parasite.

The purpose of this experiment was to determine her viability as a candidate who could become host to a parasitic intelligence at a later date. This experiment mutated Alcina’s body considerably, granting her regenerative capabilities, retractable claw-like nails. Also the ability to transform into a dragon-like monster and back again.

Moreover, the parasite halted her ageing process, maintaining her appearance perpetually. In spite of these impressive biological changes, the resulting mutation did not nullify her blood disease. Dimitrescu needed a ready supply of fresh human blood to maintain her health, and was therefore judged by Miranda to be a failure.

As a Lord

Mother Miranda and Alcina Dimitrescu

Although Dimitrescu was no use as a host, her claim to Castle Dimitrescu was recognised by Miranda and she was allowed to take residence in the village as one of the Four Lords.

Who would maintain order over the native peasantry while aiding Miranda in Cadou research.Upon inhabiting the estate. Dimitrescu took over her family’s vineyard and wine-distribution business as a means of supporting herself.

Relishing in her reclaimed noble status, Dimitrescu developed extreme caste-based views of society, seeing herself as second only to Miranda herself. She openly loathed the other three house Lords, particularly Karl Heisenberg, whom she frequently argued with.

She privately bemoaned that she was not Miranda’s favorite, instead being treated the same as all the others. Despite this, Dimitrescu’s alliance with the other houses allowed her to rule her castle with barbarous cruelty. Regularly taking in new staff to replace those who had been taken to her dungeon to be killed and drained of blood for sustenance.

Making her daughters

Dimitrescu’s own experiments with Cadou, as the only confirmed instance was an experiment begun by Miranda and monitored by Dimitrescu. In this experiment, the corpses of three women were implanted with Cadou parasites. Over the course of about a week, the Cadou produced fly-like organisms that consumed the flesh of all three bodies.

Having assimilated the DNA of these women, the flies merged  to mimic their human shapes and slowly adapted their likenesses. Dimitrescu immediately formed a bond with these three women. Whom she named Bela, Daniela and Cassandra, and came to regard herself as their mother.

They obeyed Dimitrescu without question, and were similar to her in that they were ageless and reliant on vampirism for sustenance. However, they were incapable of withstanding cold temperatures, thus remaining trapped within the confines of Alcina’s castle.

Source of food

Over the next seventy years, Dimitrescu and her daughters systematically consumed the flesh and blood of local peasants and servants alike. The blood of maids was extracted and combined with grapes to create Sanguis / (Latin for “Maiden’s Blood”), a traditional Dimitrescu family wine.

 The female victims, now infected with Mold, lived on as Moroaicǎ and Samcă, while male victims were consumed and then hollowed out to be turned into scarecrows for the castle vineyard. Dimitrescu’s reign of terror was not without resistance. However, as one villager is known to have stolen a family heirloom – the Dagger of Death’s Flowers – in an attempt to assassinate her with its poisoned blade.

The attempt failed and he was buried with the dagger in the Tower of Worship to keep it hidden from any others who might seek to harm her.

Abduction of Rosemary Winters

First seeing Ethan Winters

In February 2021, Miranda’s search for a viable host was finally fulfilled with the discovery of Rosemary Winters, a superhuman . In the early hours of Tuesday February 9, Miranda returned to the village with the stolen baby and Dimitrescu was entrusted with keeping Rose safe, who was set to be ritualistically mutilated.

Each of the Lords was then given possession of a flask containing a different body part of the child. Dimitrescu being charged with guarding the “Head Flask”. With these body parts, Miranda planned to revive the baby with the Mold in order to turn her into a host for her deceased daughter, Eva.

Along with the other three Lords, Alcina attended an emergency meeting to discuss how to deal with Ethan Winters, Rose’s father. Who had been captured and put on trial before Miranda and the houses. Alcina implored Miranda to give her custody over Winters, claiming that her daughters “love to entertain foreigners”. Though Miranda decided to let Heisenberg dispose of Winters instead, prompting a loud argument between Dimitrescu and Heisenberg.

Winters managed to escape Heisenberg and, believing that Rose might be in Dimitrescu’s domain, entered her castle. Alcina’s three daughters quickly found and subdued him, bringing him before Lady Dimitrescu herself.

Although Alcina’s daughters planned to consume Winters, Alcina informed them she would have to tell Mother Miranda first. She commanded them to incapacitate Winters instead. Ordering them to impale both of his hands with sickle chains and suspend him from the ceiling.

Ethan in the castle

Prying himself free in due course, Winters traversed the halls of Castle Dimitrescu in search of his daughter. Only to be cornered by Daniela, Bela, and Cassandra throughout. Eventually killing Bela by exposing her to the cold air outside.

Upon discovering her daughter’s remains, Alcina demanded Cassandra to find and kill him .In spite of the family’s efforts, Cassandra and Daniela fell to Winters as well, forcing Alcina to find him herself.

Alcina encountered Winters trying to sneak into her bedroom and, falsely claiming that she never had Rose. Then pummelled him through the floor in a fit of rage, inadvertently allowing him to escape through the catacombs below.

Dimitrescu followed closely behind, declaring she would hunt him down and break him for killing her daughters, prompting Winters. However, he did not get far before having his hand sliced off by Alcina, who interposed with sadistic resolution that he would pay with his life for insulting House Dimitrescu and ending her bloodline.

As Winters entered the Dimitrescu family crypt, Alcina grabbed him from behind and impaled him in the stomach with her claws. Winters counteracted this by stabbing her in the side with the Dagger of Death’s Flowers. But lost the blade after being flung through a glass window by Alcina.

Her Mutation

Suffering from the effects of the unique blend of poisons in the dagger. Dimitrescu began to mutate exponentially and took on the form of a massive, winged dragon-like creature.The two fought on the rooftops of the castle, with Dimitrescu’s size making it difficult for her to catch him, even breaking a hole in a wall which allowed him to ascend a tower.

As she began to calcify while climbing the stairs after him. Dimitrescu made one final attempt at killing Winters by pulling him down with her as she plummeted to the castle grounds below. Realising that Winters survived the fall, she cursed his name one last time before crumbling to pieces. Leaving only her crystalized remains left intact. With her death, the Dimitrescu family was ended once and for all.


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