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Love Island So far.. 2022

Love Island So far.. 2022

Love Island 2022 has been a so-far steamy one!

after the first bombshell Davide dropped in, we had two more bombshells enter the villa, Afia and Ekin- su, this was right before Davide was due to couple up with one of the original love island girls, but his head was immediately turned to Ekin- su, the couple got romantic very quickly which seemed genuine, following this event a re-coupling happened leaving Afia the one left single and the second one to leave the villa.

Andrew and Tasha were an original couple and seem to be going strong, but also blend into the background, we cant say that for every original couple, for example, ikenna and indiyah they tried to see if there was something romantic there but nothing ever came off it other than a good friendship, Amber and Dami were coming off very genuine and strong but it turns out that Dami wasn’t as into amber as he originally thought.

We then welcomed bombshell Jacques, who was actually Gemma Owens’s Ex-boyfriend, they soon came to realize they will just be friends, and only as Gemma was getting to know Luca, who seemed very interested in Gemma, Jacques take the hint and found a nice connection with islander Paige who was not romantically coupled up with anyone.

Jay and Remi were our next bombshells, who stirred a lot up in the villa with the confidence they came in with! Jay ended up having a connection with Ekin-su who wasn’t true about her feelings towards Davide and was sneaking off with jay for some one-on-one time.

Davide wasn’t happy with this and called the whole thing off with Ekin-su leaving him searching for a new connection.

At one of the challenges, a shock bombshell came in called Danica who wasn’t scared to step on anyone’s toes.

At the re-coupling, Danica picked a bold choice…Luca who was romantically involved with Gemma, so the bottom two guys were Davide and the new guy Remi, Gemma chose to couple up with Davide which left Remi single and meant he had to leave the villa.

A shock dumping soon accured, which sent Amber and Ikenna home! this was a relief for Indiyah and Dami as now they can get to know each other on a more serious level!

Keep looking for more Love island Updates!

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