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Resident Evil 7: Marguerite Baker

Resident Evil 7: Marguerite Baker


Marguerite Baker was a resident of the Baker ranch household, a mansion in Dulvey, Louisiana. She was the wife of Jack Baker and mother of Zoe and Lucas Baker.


Early life

Marguerite was the matriarch of the Baker family, which consisted of her husband, Jack, and children, Lucas and Zoe. They lived on a large plantation in the Louisiana swamps, comprising a mansion and an older house, with mines and a pier nearby.

In 2014, the Baker family encountered Mia Winters and Eveline, who had been washed ashore after being shipwrecked, and decided to take them in. Unbeknownst to them, Eveline was a bio-organic weapon who possessed telepathic powers and was obsessed with having a family of her own.

Under Eveline’s influence

Eveline slowly infected both Mia and the Baker family with her mold. Marguerite consulted a doctor, who advised her to come back for further testing, as they had found mold on her skull during an x-ray. She planned to return to the doctor, but Eveline’s infection would consume her before she could, and the newly possessed Marguerite would now view her infection as a “gift”. She hid a D-Series Arm in Eveline’s room to keep it safe, as it could be manufactured as a serum to eliminate the “gift” in a victim’s body.

As a result of the infection, Marguerite gained the ability to produce and control mutant insects that hatched from Eveline’s mold.

As the infection’s hold over them strengthened, the family withdrew from community life completely, causing the locals to declare them dead and label sightings of the infected family members as supernatural phenomena. In actuality, Marguerite and her family were capturing people and turning them into Molded, which would add to the “family” Eveline wanted. They kept a list of the people they killed and turned, as well as newspapers reporting the dramatic increase in disappearances.

The family also turned to cannibalism, with most of the food Marguerite cooked being human body parts harvested from their victims. Zoe fled the house and hid out in the family trailer, where she guided kidnapped victims to escape. Marguerite and the family were aware of her “betrayal”, however, and began antagonizing her.

In June 2017, three years after the arrival of Eveline, the American TV paranormal investigation series Sewer Gators investigated the house as a possible episode, resulting in the murders of producer Andre Stickland and presenter Peter Walken.The crew’s cameraman, Clancy Jarvis, was shackled to the bed in Jack and Marguerite’s bedroom while Marguerite welcomed him and forced him to eat their food, planning for him to join their “family”. While she was not present in the room, Clancy uncovered various puzzles which he would need to solve to make his escape, but in the process caused loud noises that forced him to return to the bed as the Baker matriarch returned.

Marguerite would bring more food and would become more antsy as Clancy refused to eat the food. Eventually, Marguerite returned to the bedroom just as Clancy was about to escape, leading him to lunge at her and stab her in the throat, which incapacitated her and allowed him to evade capture

Ethan’s arrival

Ethan Winters, Mia’s husband, arrived at the Baker house a month after the incident with the Sewer Gators in response to an email he had received from Mia under the control of Eveline. Some time after Ethan and Mia reunited and were both captured by Jack, Mia escaped captivity  and recorded a message for Ethan while she attempted to flee from a pursuing Marguerite, who was also aware of Zoe’s collusion in her escape attempts. The chase led into a crawlspace in the old house, where Margureite would corner Mia and capture her.

Marguerite would then prepare a meal of various human meats for the Baker family, as well as their “guest” Ethan in an attempt to “welcome” him into their lifestyle. However, after Ethan rejected and spat out the food upon Jack trying to force feed it to him, Marguerite became shocked and panicked, causing Jack to snap at her and force her to leave which she did so, visibly angry and upset, and screaming manically that he isn’t eating his food.

When Ethan entered the second house in search of the D-Series Arm which could create the serum, Marguerite encountered him once again, continually attacking him with her bugs as she stalked him throughout the old house. Eventually, she halted Ethan’s progress to the second floor and trapped him in a deep hole where she sent her insects to attack him, but he was able to fight off the insects and wound her enough to cause her to fall into the hole. She desperately clung to her lantern, however, as she was enveloped in a pool of insects.

Final confrontation with Ethan and death

Ethan did not get far from the encounter before realizing that he needed Marguerite’s lantern to progress further on the second floor. Upon returning to the hole, however, he witnessed an elongated arm belonging to the now mutated Marguerite snatch the lantern away through a small underground passage, which would lead to her taking refuge in a greenhouse. After Ethan followed and confronted her in the greenhouse, he finally dealt the killing blow to Marguerite, causing her to calcify and leave behind her lantern.


Marguerite’s death also marked the deaths of all of her insects. Jack would later learn about Marguerite’s death, and while fighting Ethan at the boat house proceeded to sob and call out her name. While Ethan was cocooned later by Eveline, he saw a vision of Jack, who reveals that his family, including Marguerite, have all fallen victim from Eveline’s mind control. He then pled with Ethan to “free” his family from Eveline. After Ethan killed Eveline, he acknowledged that the Baker family were simply victims of Eveline’s possession – as much victims as he and Mia were.

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