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Resident Evil 8: Rosemary Winters

Resident Evil 8: Rosemary Winters


Rosemary “Rose” Winters  is an American superhuman. The daughter of mutants Ethan and Mia Winters.Winters’ body was comprised entirely of Mold, which was replicating human DNA.

We follow her rescue during Resident Evil Village that was in an outbreak area in Eastern Europe. As she grew older she was raised in special protection in the United States.

Rosemary as a Baby.


Rose was born on August 2nd in 2020 while her parents were under protection of the BSAA. This was all dueto her parents mutations as well her mother old ties to The Connection. The whole family was at risk of being abducted for experiments or event to assassination. While under that protection they were moved around alot. When 2021 came around they were living in a mountain range in Eastern Europe.

The Village incident

Sometime in the early 2021, the BSAA Europe suffered a very worrying information leak. This leak was so big the Winters’ location was leaked as a result. It also identified Rose’s mutation. The leak had soon reached Mother Miranda by February. By Monday 8 February Miranda had successfully infiltrated the Winters household by abducting and imitating Mia.

The body, Ethan and Rose were then taken away on a BSAA armoured car where they were to undergo testing.During the trip, Miranda woke up, killed the two operators and crashed the car on the outskirts of the village Rose was unharmed in the crash, and was taken away to the village.

In the early hours of Tuesday 9th February, Rose was delivered to the Ceremony Site, the ruins of an ancient civilization that once dominated the mountains.Having long studied the Black God which lived beneath the soil, Miranda believed that Rose alone was suitable in her final experiment.which aimed to replace her conscious mind with that of Eva, her deceased daughter who was assimilated by Black God in 1919.

Over the course of the day, Ethan Winters searched for his daughter’s remains, fed on information provided by Duke and Miranda herself.The procedure took place just before dawn on the morning of Wednesday 10 February.


In the aftermath of the incident, Rose was placed in protective custody by the US government. As a Superhuman she both represented a direct security risk to the United States.. Rose was raised by Mia for a time, and saw regular check-ups from Redfield and his comrades who she saw as extended family.

Despite her nature, Rose was allowed a regular education and was enrolled at an elementary school; the faculty were aware of her mutant nature. Rose’s experiences at school were poor, and she was met with physical and verbal bullying over her mutant nature.Among Rose’s regular bullies were Lucy, Catherine and Jimmy, who pretended to be her friend to lure her into tricks.

Into her teenage years, Rose got Ethan’s jacket and wedding ring from Chris, but continued to experience bullying by other students at high school.Mia herself no longer had a regular presence in her life,and Rose was instead protected by federal agents. Rose was at this point suffering from low self-esteem and an intense revulsion of herself and her nature. She described herself as barely human anymore.She asking herself how her father was, only thing she knew is he sacrificed his life for her.

Traveling inside Realm of Consciousness

In 2037 Rose became the target of a plot by the Black God, which had survived in a greatly reduced state.One sample being preserved in a lab in the US for closer observation. Due to her proximity to the lab, Rose became susceptible to its quorum sensing abilities.

She continues deeper to find herself end up in the warped distortion of Castle Dimitrescu. It contained  various clones of herself being trapped and violently murdered by Face Eaters. During her journey, Rose encounters an entity emitting golden dust which guides and helps her along the path.Michael tries to persuade Rose into leaving the realm due to the dangers. Afterwards, Rose stumbles onto The Masked Duke which takes the form after The Duke.


Born from Mold-mutated parents, Rose has control over the Mold. Her ability surpasses that of Eveline and Miranda. Miranda speculated that Rose’s unique parentage might be the reason for this. Even after she was split into her head, torso, arms, and legs, Rose was able to come back to life.

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