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Sweet Tooth – Season 1, Episode 8

Sweet Tooth – Season 1, Episode 8

Sweet Tooth – Season 1, Episode 8

Big Man


Men in hazard suits spray down buildings in the city as the narrator explains that ‘The Great Crumble happened slowly at first, but the cracks had started to show. One of the men takes his mask down and starts to vape. His co-worker tells him that he shouldn’t be doing that and to put his mask back on.

The mantels him he’s dramatic, and they have disinfected for the tenth time today. The men begin to fight and pushing each other when one of them is hit by a car. Jepp comes out and apologies for hitting him with the car. Jepp quickly grabs a wheelchair, and then men tell him if someone is sick, they need to stay home. Jepp tells them she isn’t sick; she’s having a baby. Jepp frantically rushes Luisa through the halls. The army told him they are at full capacity Jepp pleads with them, and they eventually let him up with her on to the maternity ward. Jepp begs the women to help them as they don’t have anywhere else to go. The women tell her that he has to stay there as there are not allowed to be on the ward due to government guidelines. Louisa assures Jepp they will be okay, and they won’t have a hybrid. It just won’t happen to them. Jepp sits and watches the news as protests happen on the TV.

Jepp and Bear call out for Gus as they try and find him. Bear asks Jepp if he knew about Gus being a creation rather than born. Jepp assures her he had no idea. Bear continues to ask him if he noticed the dates and that Gus was born way before the others. They both speculate that Gus could potentially be the first. Bear feels bewildered as she had built a whole army to believe that hybrids were a miracle of nature. Jepp and Bear split up. Jepp goes out looking for Gus while Bear stays at the house in case he heads back there. Gus is trying to come to terms with the information he has just learned and stamps on the picture of his mother. He beings to hear a radio signal and follows the sound finding a crashed plane in the middle of a field. As he approaches, he picks up a piece of paper with information on protecting themselves from the virus.

The hybrids slowly make their way through the tunnels as Pigtails tells them to stop and not make a sound as many footsteps walk over their head. Then, above an army of tanks, vehicles and men approach the zoo.
The General shouts over, asking to speak to Aimee, she replies to him. The general warns her that he has brought a full army with him. Aimee stands firm and tells them to go away. As the men start to break over the walls Aimee explains, that mother nature wants her world back and opens a musical box asking the general if he misses fireworks as the whole load begin to explode around the vicinity blowing the Generals men up. Ordering the men, they burst into the building, looking for her. In another part of the building, day breaks as a manhole are uncovered, and Bobby pokes his head through, and Pigtails jumps out with him, telling the other Hybrids to stay put until Aimee arrives. Bobby disappears, and Wendy goes looking for him. She finds him with a bright light from a torch in his face, and the men grab him. Diving for cover, Wendy tried to escape as well but is unsuccessful when she to is grabbed.

Adi and Rani finally arrive at their new home; however, they are separated, and Adi is put into a separate room with a window so Adi can see her, but she can’t see or hear him. The General explains how she needs to be quarantined for everyone’s safety. The General tells him anything he wants. Any hybrid he wants to test on is his at the drop of a hat; however, Adi protests that all he wants is his wife. The General tells him that the new wave of the sick is on its way, and Adi needs to come up with a cure. The general lets Adi know he knows they were bluffing to save themselves, but he needs to come up with enough doses of the cure so the general gets to decide who gets them and who doesn’t and then Rani can be free.
Aimee enters the building looking for Wendy. However, she gets scared when there is no reply and finds her cap on the floor, and she finds the manhole once full of her hybrids, empty.
Jepp is still trying to find Gus in the woods.

Jepp askes the midwife if his wife and son are okay. He asks if his child is human, and the midwife asks again if it’s human. She tells him she can go and see the child as his wife is still having some tests. Approaching the incubator, Jepp is distraught to see his child is, in fact, a hybrid. After an emotional breakdown in the corridor, he sees the elevator and gets into it. He’s met with Dr Singh, who asks him what kind of hybrid he is. Jepp says he doesn’t know and tells him you can be surprised what you are capable of when it’s someone you love. Jepp fights himself for a moment to whether he stays or leaves.

As darkness falls, Bear begins to have another look through the boxes in the attic to find a teddy reminiscent of the one she played with her sister as a young child. She questions Judy about what happened in Fort Smith. Judy explains that Birdie was her best friend and her family, she was like a sister, and she wanted to protect her work for as long as she could, and Judy had nowhere else to go.

As Jepp approaches Gus, Gus tells him he’s not going back. Jepp says they need to stick together and hands Gus his Dog and tells him to keep hold of it because it’s all he has of his dad. Gus tells him he doesn’t have anyone, he doesn’t have a dad, and he’s all along, and he regrets ever crossing the fence. Jepp and Gus have a heart to heart about how he’s feeling, and Gus tells him he wants to go to the reserve, how he’s sick of being the odd one out and wants to meet people like him. Jepp opens up to Gus about his child that was a hybrid, and when he first saw him, he was scared and didn’t know what to do, how he wanted to run away and then realised he was scared. He wasn’t afraid of his child; he feared himself, and he had all this love, and he didn’t know what to do with it, but his son needed him, so he turned around and went back to get him, him and his mam. But they had already gone. Someone had taken them, and he has never seen them again since. He admits that sometimes he makes bad decisions but believes that looking after Gus was one of the good ones how they could both learn from each other together. The mood soon changes when Gus asks Jepp if he will come to the preserve with him and that he has radioed them to let them know where to find them, Gus is terrified when he hears a big boom, and Jepp falls backwards clutching his chest.

A car approaches them both and cage Gus as he panics about Big Man. The general watches over as Gus hammers at the cage door with blood-soaked hands. The general walks over to Big Man’s body, reveals his marking as one of the Last Men, and calls him a traitor. Gus is wheeled into the Generals base, where Jonny approaches him and tells him it will only be a little longer, showing humanity to the boy. Dr Singh is approached by the last man and lets him know there’s a hybrid for him. Gus repeats to himself, don’t let them find out you can talk. Dr Singh begins to dictate notes starting with ‘What I am about to do goes against everything that I believe in, but I’m doing it for her’ unaware Gus can understand what he is saying. Adi is taken aback by Gus saying he is older than the others and more human-like. He notices Gus looking over at the candy bar, so Adi reaches over to it and hands Gus the bar, to which he tells Adi ‘Thanks’ Adi is absolutely mortified. Adi asks Jonny where he found Gus. Jonny dismisses the question and tells him he doesn’t want to keep the General waiting. Adi asks Jonny if he’s a superstitious man, that when he finished medical school, Rani’s hand gifted a statue of the goddess of learning. She once appeared in the form of a deer. Adi tells Johnny to bring him a different patient as he wants more time with Gus.

Bear tells Judy she wishes she had gone with them. Judy starts to ask Bear about her life and how old she was when it happened. She tells Judy she was 6 when it happened, that the Last Men didn’t kill them. They had died due to the sick, and her little sister was a hybrid, so they took her away. Bear tried extremely hard to find her sister but never could, so she gave up looking. Then she met Tiger, and they began Animal Army until Tiger betrayed her. She continues to tell Judy that her name is Becky, but her parents called her Becky Bear as a signal comes on a phone that Bear had found in a box of Birdies belongings. A car approaches Jepp body and picks up Gus’ dog. Jepp finally opens his eyes while on the back of the truck. Gus is placed out of the cage and into a large cell as the Lost Men take away another hybrid. Adi stands thoughtful while drinking out of his Zoo cup, giving us the indication that they have now taken over Aimee’s Zoo, which has now become The Generals lab. Adi walks into the room with a hybrid on the table. As his saw tool begins to whirl, he tells the last men that he’s ready.

Bear flashes back into a memory of sitting with her parents and getting a picture taken with her little sister, the little sister having little pig noes and ears. The sister that Bear has been looking for is revealed to be Wendy, Aimee’s Pigtail hybrid child she had taken in.
Jepp stands up out of bed and is told to sit back down to a woman, Jepp asks what she’s doing, and Aimee replies, tomorrow, we get our kids back.
Gus has a ball rolled towards him in his cage. Bobby emerges from the shadows along with all the other hybrids that had been captured. Wendy introduces herself to Gus, checks him out for a minute and wraps her arms around him. The other hybrids join. Gus is finally surrounded by people just like him.

Bear is sat with the phone that she found in Birdie’s box, trying to connect a call. When a women answers, she asks who she is. We find out that it’s Birdie on the other end of the phone.

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