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Real or Fake? Biggest Megalodon Tooth Found?

Real or Fake? Biggest Megalodon Tooth Found?

There has been reports of a massive Megalodon tooth found and it is the biggest we have ever seen! Is this real or fake?

Real or Fake? Biggest Megalodon Tooth Found?

Megalodon’s are a massive shark that is currently having many people believing that this massive shark is still alive.

There is a possibility of this massive shark being alive is 0.1%, however many people around the world claim this monster shark is still out there.

Our oceans are only 5% or even 10% explored leaving 90% to 95% unexplored.

The chances are this shark is not roaming in our oceans as they were believed to have went due to unable to get enough food.

Teeth of this monster can still be found to this day, however this one is huge!

Megalodon Tooth Found. Real or Fake?

Image Credit: Pinterest

This image claims to show a massive Megalodon tooth found. There is no doubt that this had to be a massive shark.

Doing research into this subject, I found out that this was actually a photo taken more than 5 years ago.

Meaning if this is real, this was a 5 year old discovery.

Looking at the size of the tooth, the Megalodon must of been doubled in size as teeth are typically 15-20cm long rather than half a metre long.

This shark will have had to be massive compared to any other Megalodon and any other sea creature out there.

There is no doubt that this is the biggest shark tooth known to man, however is this real?

Real or Fake?

The claim that this is a real shark tooth has been looked at and is deemed to be a fake!

This is only due to the fact that sharks do not typically get to this size, not even a massive Megalodon.

There is no way that this shark tooth is real as this would be a massive discovery and the world would have been wrong about the size of the Megalodon.

In other words, there is no chance that this is real.

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