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Stranger Things! Season 2 Episode 3

Stranger Things! Season 2 Episode 3

Chapter Three: The Pollywog

Introduction to the episode

To start this episode off we watch Dustin bring in whatever he caught outside and bring him into his room, however his mother stop him to ask about his night calling it the best night of the year. He take his turtle out of his tank and places the creature and even names it as she feeds it some candy from his trick or treating.

We then see him passed out on the bed reading what appears to be a reptile book probably trying figure out what type of creature he found in his trash.

Main part of the episode

We come in at the dead of night in winter it seems and we see Hopper placing food in a little storage bin outside and El watching him and then he walks away we watch as El come out of hiding and look at Hopper. We watch as we come back to the real world and Hopper there waking El up but she still not talking to him. He manages to get her out of bed with breakfast however she snaps when talking about Mike wanting to see him again causing a bit of a mess.

Then we get brought to Joyce, Will and Johnathan and we find them looking for some keys for work until Bob appears holding them out the bedroom. Johnathan questions about him stopping over however Joyce quickly points out she can’t be late and Bob offers to take Will to school. We see Dustin high tailing it to the library grabbing some book he get stopped by the librarian but he distract her and runs off with the books.

We are then brought to Bob and Will in the car on the way too school and Bob begins to tell stories about his nightmares and how he got rid of them probably hoping it could help Will. However Bob didn’t know what actually happened to Will just that he was a little boy that had nightmares. We see Max and Lucas talking trying to understand about Will.

We are then brought to class with Mr Clark and we see Dustin come into class late he reminds the boys and Max to meet at the AV club at lunch so he could show them what he had found out. Now at the police station and there talking and plotting out all the points and that when he realises it all links back to Hawkins Lab and he sets off. Now El is laying in bed staring at the tv before she tries to communicate and then stops she begins to walk around the home. This triggers a flashback to when she first brought to the house that Hopper now lives in with her.

Now we see Steve and Billy playing basket ball while Bill speaking to him and trips him up before Nancy interrupted and they were talking about the party and Steve asks if she loves him and she doesn’t say anything.  Then we see them all meet Dart and they were all confused by his existence they begin to read up on him. Will begins to have a flashback and then he has one in school. Bob surprises Joyce at work with food and talks to her about them and how he so happy to be with her.

Hopper has now at the lab and complains about the area and tells the owner to go check out stuff which he denies. Nancy and Johnathan are seen talking to each other about the party and Nancy is second guessing what she said. Now we see El wondering around in the woods before she comes up to a park and she asks the woman where to school was. Joyce is now home fiddling with the recorder and tries to watch what Will had recorded from the night of Trick or Treating and she finds the a weird looking thing in the sky that appeared on the tape she noticed it was similar to one of Will drawings.

We see the boys almost showing Mr Clark Dart when Mike stops them and they talk about stuff at the VH club and dart breaks out legs and then takes off into the school. Then we see Nancy talking to Barb mother on the phone to lore the bad men out and now we the head of Hawkins lab looking at the pumpkin patch when we see hopper get a call in about a girl and that girl being El. She is now at the school she goes inside to look for Mike.

We watch Mike go into the gym then the changing rooms where him and Max scare the life out of each other. Max then confronts him about Mike feeling and hatred towards her. El looks into the gym and causes Max to fall off her skateboard. Then we see Will looking in the bathroom and that when he finds dart and he tries to talk to it and it scares him causing him to have another episode.

The Review

This episode was amazing learning about more of Will and Bob and how he adapting into the family a little bit we also watch how El begins to break the rules and how Max start to become a part of the team it’s really interesting and how everything falling into place I can’t wait for the next episode.

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