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Summoners War! Thrain

Summoners War! Thrain

In this post were going to be talking about the Dark Grim Reaper with the awakening name of Thrain, this monster is also blessed with a secondary awakening. He has always been a good unit he is the best for Trails of Ascensions. In the screenshot below you can see each stage before awakening and before secondary awakening.

Base Monster

1st Awakening

2nd Awakening

As said previously Thrain is properly one of the best units for a stable auto Trails of Ascension team and even more so for the hard mode. He is so amazing and is a really good combo with his fire counter part Sath them to together is simply amazing. In the screenshot below you will see a Trails of Ascension team you can use with Sath. Underneath there is also a screen shot of a team to farm his secondary awakening that I’ve found is 100% consistent.

Now lets talk runes, there are two ways people rune this unit and that is either Despair, Energy or Violent Energy. Personally I prefer Violent energy. This is because I want my Thrain Tanky as he does his damage and crowd control though his skills underneath you can see his runes.


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