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23rd July

23rd July

23rd July - On this Day

What does the 23rd July have to offer, well on this day...

Today sees the start of the astronomical/astrological zodiac, which divides the sun's apparent orbit into 12 segments. The period July 23–Aug 22 is traditionally identified as the sun sign of Leo, the Lion.

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On this day in 2021 marks the first day of the Olympic games hosted by Japan in Tokyo, the games originally set to begin in 2020 were postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The world's most prestigious and anticipated sporting event. The games feature 33 sports, broken into 50 disciplines and 339 events.

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Snake Eyes (2021)
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Snake Eyes (2021)

Snake Eyes is a G.I Joe Origins Upcoming Superhero Film. The Character Snake Eyes is welcomed into an ancient Japanese ninja clan called the Arashikage, where he is trained to become a warrior. However, as details of his past are revealed and his loyalties put to the test, he follows a path that leads him…

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