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BitLife Games Review!

BitLife Games Review!

BitLife: Life Simulator!

  • Game Status: Free to Play
  • Release Date: 29th September 2018
  • Rated: Over the age of 17 years old.

Film Summary

This game is about creating a custom life and playing it as you so please, creating a new world for a seemingly nothing simulator! Go from being a baby with no responsibility to a criminal, footballer, singer songwriter, and many more. Go to university for a degree in music and then rob a car for fun. A life simulator that shows no responsibility in life! Great to play, fun to play. Free play.

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Image Credit: @BitLifeApp


For me, this game brings joy to my face. The game allows me to do a lot of what I wouldn't think was possible, however this life similar makes anything into a reality. The game hasn't got a storyline, nothing to follow, only a few challenges that you may want to do, however I play the game for fun and see how much money I can get in the space of the years I have. For example, one life could be 6 years long and bang, that's it over or you could have 78 year old criminal that's running from the law and changing your gender to help run from the law.


Me personally, I love this game as it's fun to play and its great to just invest time into it as once time goes on, more and more and more events come from it. Allowing the element of surprise to happen throughout the game. The game allows the user to have anything from changing the appearance to changing the job role within seconds with some obstacles along the way.  The game acts like and can feel like real life as sometimes everything can go your way like my recent character did.

The name of this character that I create Gregory Pound, Gregory didn't have a father but had two mothers instead, one was called Abigail Fartlander, she was a biologist, and his other mother was called Ally Pound, she was a professor. The character was born in USA with a a family dog and no stress until the age of 10 where I decided that I wanted him to take up singing lessons and go to an MMA class called Jiu-Jitsu. Managing to get a great singing voice and a great belt in the MMA class.

Image Credit: BitLife//Scotty

Once turning 12, I decided to make my character go to the gym to build his athleticism, making sure he would have more than one option when going through life. My aim for one game of this, is to do one massive thing to make the character I create famous, and then become Prime Minister, President or major of the place the character was born in. After a while of training for sports, singing and MMA, Gregory went to secondary school and tried out for the school football team, making the team and making him into a football co-captain. He got a scholarship to play football at university and I picked finance as his career choice, however that did not matter.

Managing to play for Liverpool in the Premier League at the age of 22 as the starting Goalkeeper was a great achievement, however Gregory managed to play for Liverpool, West Ham and Newcastle for 17 seasons of football, racking in 22 million pounds with his partner, however I stopped playing football after 17 seasons as I thought going from football to music would be hard, however I managed to create a footballer and a musician in one!

Image Credit: BitLife//Scotty

After so many years of being a pop star, Gregory Pound racked in 220 million before trying to run for major, however failed and got depressed from this, losing his wife and 94 million to her, losing his career and then died at the age of 98 years old.

Image Credit: BitLife//Scotty

Not all lives go this way however, some lives don't pan out this way, and for me, this was my most successful life yet as I normally go to jail before my life has even begun.

All and all, this game for me is one of the best mobile games on the market that is free, and or pay £9.98 for the god mode trait and no ads with added customisation, This game is great fun to play and great to do challenges with your friends with!

Banner and Image Credit: @BitLifeApp

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