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5 Amazing things caught on camera

5 Amazing things caught on camera

Since the creation of the camera phone in May 1999, more and more amazing events and occurrences have been caught on camera, and now, through the power of social media, videos have never been as easily accessible.

We’ve had a look through to find 5 amazing things caught on camera.

1. The Breathing Forest

This amazing Video was taken on 17th October 2018 and appears to show this forest in Quebec physically inhaling and exhaling. Apparently, this phenomenon is not uncommon, with The weather Network stating;

“While forests don’t breathe per se, the trees that reside in them do, by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen in a process called photosynthesis. But unlike humans, this process doesn’t involve inhaling and exhaling — which is exactly what the forest floor in this video appears to be doing.

‘Breathing’ forests aren’t uncommon, and we’ve received a few videos of the phenomenon over the years.”

So what is really going on? The Weather Network goes on to explain.

“Mark Vanderwouw, a certified arborist at Shady Lane Expert Tree Care in Newmarket, Ontario, told us at the time the inhaling and exhaling is an optical illusion that has nothing to do with actual ‘breathing’ and everything to do with the weather.

“During a rain and windstorm event, the ground becomes saturated, ‘loosening’ the soil’s cohesion with the roots as the wind is blowing on a tree’s crown,” he said.

“The wind is trying to ‘push’ the trees over, and as the force is transferred to the roots, the ground begins to ‘heave’. If the winds were strong enough and lasted long enough, more roots would start to break, and eventually, some of the trees would topple.””

With many people using this sort of video as evidence of glitches in the matrix, it is important to look at the real reasons for these sorts of natural events.

2. Styrofoam Box falls out and back into a truck.

This dashcam clip, filmed on Provincial Highway 61 in Taiwan, captures a vehicle as it travels along a highway with an open back. As it travels along a Styrofoam box falls out and lands back into the back of the truck twice!

3. Safety Harness Comes Loose During High Rise Jumps

This is a video that was taken at a popular theme park in Chongqing, China. The Video clearly shows a man’s safety cord detaching from his harness on the final jump on this high-rise experience.

Luckily, this man was unharmed. However, things could have been much worse.

A spokesperson for the park first brushed this off as a publicity stunt. However, after an official investigation, it was revealed that the safety equipment had failed.

4. A Close call with a collapsing glacier

During the BBC show Incredible Journeys filming, Presenter Steve Leonard can be seen having a lucky escape from a collapsing glacier. Steve was being shown around the artic by expert Jason Roberts on the mission to find some polar pears when this amazing moment was caught on camera.

5. Lightning destroys a Huge Pine Tree

*contains strong language*


This incredible footage shows the moment lightning strikes a huge pine tree, blasting it apart and causing damage to the property next to it. This video showcases the awesome power of lightning.

So to make sure you stay safe, we dug around for some information about lightning and trees.

According to treejourney.com, there are three popular myths relating to trees and lightning:

Myth #1: Standing Underneath a Tree is The Safest Place to be During a Thunderstorm
Fact: This is false. Trees are struck by lightning very often because they are tall and have high moisture content. The electricity will travel through the tree into the ground.

Myth #2: Lightning Only Strikes an Object Once Per Storm
Fact: This is untrue! Your tree could be struck multiple times during a storm. Once a tree is struck, it will most likely break and may not be as good of a lightning receptor as before. However, it can still get struck again.

Myth #3: When Lightning Strikes Trees, it Only Affects The Tree
Fact: When lightning strikes a tree, the electricity moves through the trunk and into its root system. Objects touching the roots like metal pipes can be damaged. There can also be a side flash, which is when electricity jumps from one object to another.

In the same article, they also go on to explain that Pine, Ash, Willow, and Oak Trees are very susceptible to lightning strikes.

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