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Summoners War! Sath!

Summoners War! Sath!

In this post I will be writing about the Fire Grim Reaper with the awakening name Sath. He is a fun crowd control unit he used to be very popular in the games years ago as he used to be a key farmer, but as more and more units got added to the game he slowly became what people would considered useless. However now with the Grim Reaper recently receiving a 2nd awakening he is now seen as a very much a core unit within the game and people have fell in love with him all over again. In the screenshot below you’ll see his base form, then his awakening and also his secondary awakening form.

Base Form:

First awakening:

Secondary awakening:

Sath is now very useful in almost all PVE content its mind blowing, if you ever struggled with Trails of Ascensions (TOA) then fear not all you need to build a continuous damage team and TOA is never an issue again as with his Secondary awakening his third skill turns into a passive which makes continuous damage do 50% more damage than it used to. There is a screenshot of the TOA team below.

He is even used in the latest speeds teams for Giants Keep (GB12). This team consists of heavy continuous damage units and another secondary awakening unit called Tatu which is the Fire Pixie as she erupts the continuous damage the idea is too get enough on the boss and then Tatu erupts the damage and the boss dies in the first turn. You can see this team in the screenshot below also many people tend to use Lushen other Fran, I only use Fran my runs are 100% because unfortunaly my Lushen doesn’t do enough damage.

Now lets talk where you need to go in order to secondary awaken this unit it in the Khalderun in the Dimension hole area which unlocks early if you compete majority of the starter content. Below I will show you where and a team for the dungeon the requirement for this secondary awakening is one of each role and what I mean is one attack, defence, support and Hp. The team below is 100% consistent I’ve tested it multiple times.

Now lets talk about runes, personally I think the best rune set on him is despair energy is because it helps with crowd control and also makes him tanky. He is a unit that went from a tank to almost like a support type for unit.


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