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Summoners War! Rica!

Summoners War! Rica!

In this post we are going to be writing about the dot queen herself which is the Fire Occult Girl with the awakening name which is Rica. She a very beloved unit and many people love her due to extremely cute appearance. She is a very good early game and late game unit especially in PVE content such as Trials of Ascension. She is one of the best units terms of Auto the actual stages of both Trails of Ascension Normal and Hard.

As said previously she is extremely useful for TOA and is on many people wish list for that reason she an amazing crowd control unit with 2 AOE abilities. In the screenshot below you’ll see a TOA normal team.

Now let’s talk about runes Rica can be runed many different ways the most common way is Despair, Energy or Despair Focus. Disclaimer this isn’t my Rica I unfortunaly don’t own one so I’ve been given permission of a friend to use hers!

So my friend has Rica on Despair focus just in order to increase her accuracy so her skills land more consistency she also has Rica on a tanky build due to the fact she is going to do damage based off her dots and not her actual skills which is most common for a lot of Rica’s. The Runes are shown in the screen shot below.

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