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20th July

20th July

20th July - On this Day

What does the 20th July have to offer, well on this day...

The 20th of July marks World Chess day, created by the United Nations in 2019. The day is to celebrate one of the most ancient, intellectual and cultural games. Chess combines sport, scientific thinking and elements of art and is an affordable and inclusive activity. It can be exercised anywhere and played by all, across the barriers of language, age, gender, physical ability or social status.

On this day in 1969, man first landed on the moon. Two US astronauts (Neil Alden Armstrong and Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr) landed lunar module Eagle at 4:17 PM, EDT, and remained on the lunar surface for 21 hours, 36 minutes and 16 seconds. The crew made the landing from the Apollo XI's orbiting command-and-service module, code-named Columbia, whose pilot, Michael Collins, remained aboard. Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon. Armstrong and Aldrin were outside the spacecraft, walking on the moon's surface, for approximately 21/4 hours. The astronauts returned to Earth on July 24, bringing photographs and rock samples.

The 20th of July also marks the anniversary of the Special Olympics. The Special Olympics is an international year-round program of sports training and competition for individuals with intellectual disabilities. More than 3.5 million athletes in more than 170 countries train and compete in 32 Olympic-style summer and winter sports. Founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Special Olympics provides people with intellectual disabilities continuing opportunities to develop fitness, demonstrate courage and experience joy as they participate in the sharing of gifts and friendship with other athletes, their families and the community.

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