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Summoners War! Lulu and Friends!

Summoners War! Lulu and Friends!

In this post we are going to be writing about one of the oldest monsters in summoners war which has been in the game for the past 7 years who has finally been made useable once again and has got her popularity back by storm. This monster is called the Water Howl with the awakening name Lulu and then a name change when she is secondary awaken called Lulu and Friends. This unit is one of the most recent secondary awakening units and we’ll start as we do showing the three different forms for this unit.

First form

First awakening

Secondary awakening

This unit is simply adorable and is very easy to get ahold of she is one of the most free to play friendly units you can get I personally love her so much she can be used in both PVE and PVP places within the game most commonly she can be used in giants and dragons in the screenshot below you will see her in a 100% consistent giants b12 team. She is used with basically all free to play units so this team is easy to make. Also this unit is mainly used in very heavy immunity heavy comps for the likes of PvP as she provides alot of it.

  Now lets talk about runes the most common rune build for early game would be Swift Energy and that allows her to be fast yet tanky however once you move other to either mid to late game she will most commonly move onto Will, Violent too allow her to constantly heal and provide Will more often. My unit is on Will Violent because I want that constant heal as she heals with every single skill which is lowkey overpowered so make sure you take advantage of this amazing yet simple unit. In the screenshot below you will see my runes.


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