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Summoners War! Belladeon

Summoners War! Belladeon

This post is about another amazing support unit that is the light inugami and it’s called Belladeon this unit just like his brother call is also a secret dungeon but this is available e on light days. This unit is great if your not able to get your Fran straight away this is an alternative unit and also has a 2nd awakening like the rest of inugami and since this unit is a support it will be runed differently the beginning build will be either triple Energy or Swift Energy. Then in mid game you will most likely turn to Violent, Energy. Then it may the same or for late game to Violent, Will. Below you will see before and after picture for Belladeon 2a.

Before Secondary awakening

After Secondary awakening

Belladeon is also used like said before for giants starter team but you can also use him in giants and dragon, Belladeon also extremely effective anywhere and everywhere really. I really enjoy using this unit. Underneath there is a screenshot of a of a giants b12 team using Belladeon instead of Fran.

This unit is a must have for many account as you can also use him in things such as arena and siege and even guild battles. I use him in all of these places.

Fun fact Belladeon also boost attack bar when he uses his last skill, this attack bar increase is also heal which is extremely useful. Belladeon also has a stripe second skill which is very helpful to remove buffs from the likes of the giant and dragon main boss. In addition Belladeon comes with a defence break on the first skill.

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