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Rick and Morty – Season 5, Episode 1

Rick and Morty – Season 5, Episode 1

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 1 “Mort Dinner Rick Andre”

After a long-anticipated wait for the release of Rick and Morty season 5 episode 1 is finally here. 

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Spoilers below

If you’ve not seen the episode and don’t want it ruined, don’t carry on reading. Watch it first, then come back!

The introduction 

In the opening scene, Morty is carrying Rick, who is visibly hurt as they escape from a dimension where crystals appear to show alternative realities, one of which refer to Rick and Morty appearing as ‘Blade’ type characters, the vampire-slaying Marvel comic character. 

Morty places them both into their craft and set off to escape from the planet that a giant tentacled Alien is ravaging. 

They escape through what appears to be a natural portal above the planet. Unfortunately, the ship is damaged beyond repair, and the pair plummet towards the sea. Rick lays unconscious after calling himself a silly man and apologising to Morty for putting them in grave danger. Morty, appearing to accept his fate, calls Jessica to explain his love for her. She replies, saying that she wishes Morty had spoken of his feelings sooner. They arrange a date for that evening, spurring Morty to fight for survival. Making a fix to the aircraft, they plummet into the sea. Rick wakes up and is angry at Morty for landing in the ocean, at which point we are introduced to Mr Nimbus, Ricks Nemesis, to which he has a treaty between the land and sea that has now been broken. 

The King of the Ocean

It is explained that Mr Nimbus is King of the ocean, while Rick sets up a dinner party at the Smith’s family home for Mr Nimbus to attend. Rick reveals his plan to distract Mr Nimbus with the peace summit treaty dinner; Summer will dive into the Marianas Trench to steal the forbidden shell that gives Mr Nimbus his Power. 

Beth and Jerry reveal that after their troubles through seasons 1-4, they are in a more substantial relationship after seeing the family’s psychiatrist, Dr Wong.

As Rick prepares for the evenings’ events, tension is high between Rick and Morty, with them both arguing about how valuable Morty is to Rick. Rick and Morty open a portal to place the wine to mature, and the time moves differently between the two dimensions.

Mr Nimbus arrives at the Smiths home, and jibes start immediately between the old rivals. 

Jerry takes offence over the fear that Rick has about Mr Nimbus and calls the Police. Whilst Jerry is on the phone with the Police, an off the cuff reference is made between how the Police react differently to back and white victims.

The Police arrive, and Rick explains that Mr Nimbus controls the Police. In a demonstration of his power, Mr Nimbus make the police Flight, have sex and flea with a thrust of his hips. 

Jessica arrives at the household, and she and Morty enter the property. Mr Nimbus exchanges with Jerry and Beth, and after learning of their sex-positive relationship, he invites them for a threesome. 

Morty and Jessica settle down on the sofa in the family room, discussing watch to watch on TV. Morty suggests the possibility of inter-dimensional cable while Jessica focuses more on the opportunity of wine. 

Morty starts a feud.

Jessica requests that they have wine, and Morty enters a portal to retrieve the wine that he and Rick had placed there to age. Through the Portal, Morty meets Hoovy and his pregnant wife Bova, who live in the other dimension. Hoovy helps Morty carry the wine that has “been there for decades.” They go through the Portal, and the Portal closes. Morty and Hoovy discuss the process of courtship and how Hoovy had found the girl who loves him for his mistakes. 

Morty thanks him for the advice, and Hoovy enters the Portal back to his dimension only to find his wife dead and his now aged son Japheth. Japheth Kills his father, but before he dies explains that it wasn’t his fault. It was the fault of the boy with the magic door.

We cut back to the dinner treaty summit between Rick and Mr Nimbus, discussing new terms for the reestablished treaty. Morty brings the wine to the table, and Mr Nimbus drinks the lot. Jessica again requests wine, meaning Morty has to re-enter the Portal. 

Morty enters to find Japheth, angry and ready to avenge his mother and fathers death. He starts to attack Morty, but he escapes back through the Portal. Disgruntled, after not retrieving the wine, Morty returns through the Portal to find Japheth, old and frail, with a family of his own. Still wanting revenge, he attacks Morty, who kicks him to the ground, takes the wine and leaves through the Portal. 

The three small children of Japheth are warned to prepare for Morty’s return. We are then taken to a montage of the three children growing to build a fortress ready for the return of Morty.

The fortress surrounds the area where the Portal opens with weapons aimed and ready for Morty’s return. 

Morty returns home with the wine, only to be smashed when Jerry bumps into him while discussing the threesome with Mr Nimbrus with Beth. The smashing of the wine sparks Rick to tell Morty how he is messing things up again, and Rick re-ordering Morty to return for more wine and for Beth and Jerry to stop trying to have sex with the King of the Ocean. 

Jessica starts to leave the Smith’s house but is stopped by Morty, apologising for being distracted. Morty returns through the Portal to obtain the wine for Mr Nimbus, Rick and Jessica. However, when he enters the Portal, he bumps into a guard who sounds a horn alerting the rest of the population of the arrival of Morty. They fire the medieval style weapons at Morty, but he can escape through the Portal once again unharmed. 

Back in the other realm, the son is questioning the current aged King about the existence of Morty. The King expells the son from the Kingdom, and a wizard-like individual takes in the son. He is trained in the dark arts to overthrow the King. We cut to a scene of the son attacking the Kingdom and killing the King only to be killed by the wizard, who then takes the throne.

Meanwhile, Morty arms himself with multiple weapons re-enters the Portal, and destroys the fortress, killing most of the population. Finally, Morty locates the wine and returns it home but accidentally leaving a glove behind.

Morty delivers the wine to Mr Nimbus and Rick with an understandable attitude. Mr Nimbus refers to one of Ricks previous sidekicks called Kyle, who he preferred to Morty.

Morty returns to Jesicca and apologises again for the nights’ events. Jesicca request that they start over, and Morty agrees. Jessica points out that there is no corkscrew to open the wine, and so Morty returns to the Kitchen to obtain it.

The signing of the declaration

Mr Nimbus and Rick now agreed on the terms of the new treaty, start to sign the document. Rick needs someone trustworthy to witness the signature and so calls upon Morty. Reassuring us that the relationship between Rick and Morty is not beyond repair. 

Rick enters the Kitchen to retrieve Morty. Meanwhile, in the alternative dimension, the other population has moved to a futuristic time and studied the technology of the glove left behind by Morty. A young soldier named Adam is training to enter Morty’s dimension to kill him and end the feud. 

Adam, Nicknamed ‘The Traveller’, enters the Portal into the Smith household and starts to attack Rick and Morty. Adam accidentally shoots the Squid due to the witness for Mr Nimbus’s signing of the declaration.

Mr Nimbus exclaims at the attempt to take his life. Distracted by Mr Nimbus, Adam is stabbed in the back by Jessica with the corkscrew. Adam flashes to a vision of his mother as a bird-like creature who displays her disappointment towards him. Adam then dissolves into goo and retracting back through the postal, taking Jessica with him.

Morty arms up once again and enters the Portal only to be met by a version of himself that becomes a virtual trap to capture Morty. 

The war between land and sea reignited

Mr Nimbus and Rick are back at loggerheads and declaring war against each other. Mr Nimbus gets into a profound argument about how Rick sees Mr Nimbus as a joke, but Rick is a sad, lonely old man.

The Morty Rescue

Now captured by the advanced civilisation along with Jessica, Morty escapes briefly after a fight with a clone. They run whilst being chased by multiple robots created by the civilisation. They enter the Portal but are grabbed by one of the Robots arms before escaping entirely. Calling out to rick for help, Morty and Jessica wrestle not to be dragged into the alternative dimension. 

Rick leaves his argument with Mr Nimbus to help Morty but gets dragged into the other dimension alongside Morty and Jesicca. They are caged and surrounded by robots that strip Rick of his clothes and the portal gun. Morty apologises for his mess, and Rick explains that this is what Morty is here to do. 

Mr Nimbus appears on top of the cage and brings with him a wall of water by thrusting his hips. He destroys the civilisation and rescues the three of them, carrying them back through the Portal. 

After being frozen in time for an extended period, Jessica now sees life differently, questioning reality and the existence of god. She finished her deep analysis of life and existence by telling Morty that they should be friends and leaves, referencing herself as a time god.

Rick and Mr Nimbus put their differences aside and agree to be allies. However, summer successfully steals the forbidden shell, sending Rick and Mr Nimbus back into Battle. Summer blows the shell to make a horn noise providing more power to Mr Nimbus. Mr Nimbus Summons the Police, who takes Rick away.

The Post Credits scene shows beth and Jerry turning up to Room to have a threesome with Mr Nimbus. 

Our Review of Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 1 

The opening episode for season 5 is a faced paced all-out action rollercoaster ride. With plenty of hilarity throughout, Mr Nimbus makes a great character to bounce off Rick. 

Excellent to see a progression in Morty’s and Jessica’s potential relationship and another semi-solo adventure for Morty. 

All in all, a fantastic first episode to the series and leaves wanting to know what’s going to happen to Rick and whether we will see another escape from prison, as seen in Season three Episode one, “The Rickshank Rickdemption.”

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